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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urge Your State Legislators to Stop Illegal Aliens from Receiving Public Benefits

NumbersUSA: Rampant illegal immigration continues to be an enormous financial burden on American taxpayers. U.S. citizens and legal residents in all 50 states continue to foot the bill for public services received by illegal aliens. In fact, public services to illegal aliens costs state and local governments around $85 billion a year! This is money directly from our pockets!

Giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens only encourages these individuals to stay in the U.S., and even encourages more people to enter illegally. More must be done by your state legislature to ensure that public benefits in your state only go to the citizens and legal residents who need them. Please don't delay. Send this critical message to your state legislators today, urging them to do more to protect vulnerable U.S. citizens and legal residents from illegal aliens. This is a completely free service. There is no cost to you.

Dear (Your State Legislators Will Appear Here),

Far too much money is spend on providing illegal aliens with welfare benefits. The law is clear on this matter: illegal aliens are not entitled to federal, state, or local welfare benefits. With this in mind, I ask that you propose legislation to cut off this flow when the legislature reconvenes.

Currently, states and localities spend about $85 billion each year on benefits for illegal aliens. During this same time period, states and localities only bring in $4 billion in tax revenues from illegal aliens. I may not be a math genius, but these numbers just don't add up. Also, the people that claim that illegal aliens are "documentless" individuals who pay their taxes and don't wish to leech off taxpayers are either fools or are just plain lying.

The bottom line is that welfare benefits are meant as a last resort, to be used by Americans and legal residents when times are really tough. Unfortunately, many illegal aliens use our state's welfare system not as a safety net, but as a way of life. I'm sure you agree that this needs to change.

Currently, 11 states use the federal SAVE system to verify that benefits applicants really do have the right to receive welfare benefits. If such a system were enacted in our state, untold millions would certainly be saved.
Please propose legislation to mandate use of the SAVE system so that welfare benefits only go to Americans in need.
(Your Name Will Appear Here

NumbersUSA, America's largest-member immigration-reduction organization. We are non-profit and non-partisan.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Used NumbersUSA to send a letter to the Senator of Illinois' 37th Senate District. I later called; they said they received 2 letters from me. One addressed to the Senator who resigned in February and one to the Senator appointed in March. This made me look uninformed...your bad!

12/5/11, 5:23 PM  

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