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Thursday, December 01, 2011

CNN Poll: Should English be the United States' official language?

A New CNN Poll is asking "Should English be the United States' official language?"

The choices they offered:
America is a multilingual society and should stay that way. All races, ethnicities and languages are welcome, and we should try to accommodate their language needs.

OR -- This is America -- English should be our official language. If you choose to be here, you need to learn the language.

OR -- We should make it official, but we have to provide English classes for those who don't speak the language.

OR -- Official or not, kids should be required to take English in school. For adults, we just need better resources to learn, and to get by in their native languages until they do.

OR -- Other

While we don not support the blatant left leaning agenda of CNN, they do need to hear your opinion. Based on the options offered, I choose the option highlighted option.

What is your choice? Be sure to Click and Take the CNN poll!

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Anonymous Dick Henderson said...

Strange thing is, I thought it was, whiskey tango foxtrot.

12/2/11, 3:48 AM  

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