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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Farmers and Ranchers Security Assistance Program

American Borders has announced a new volunteer program called FARSAP (Farmers and Ranchers Security Assistance Program). Under this program, any rancher or farmer who would like security assistance for his property can get it from our border group. Our group is made up of patriotic former military and law enforcement individuals who believe that since the federal government will not do it's job, we American citizens will! We have ranchers and farmers who are being intimidated and in some cases forced off of their properties, some of which have been in their families since the mid 1800s. These Americans should not be forced to wear body armor, as one federal agent suggested, as they work their fields. Basically, the feds have given up. We haven't! We believe with cooperation between farmers, ranchers and security personnel, a solution can be found.

Since 2005, volunteer border watchers have proven that all it takes to secure a border is boots on the ground. I have personally helped in the apprehension of groups one night, then had no activity the rest of the operation due to smugglers using other routes. This proves that when you have people on site and actively patrol your operation area, smugglers will stay away. We have worked many ranchers properties where illegal activity dropped to near zero levels depending on the size of our security force and the size of the property in question.

The more properties ranchers and farmers lose mean family history that is lost. It also means our food producing systems in this country get tighter and tighter and prices go up. We are looking to stop these problems by offering trained security personnel for those ranchers and farmers who want it. If you know of any ranchers and farmers that are in need of assistance and would like help, please have them contact us at

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Anonymous Bob Cohee said...

Our COUNTRY is and has been INVADED. PLEASE- get it stopped !!!

Sent article and the above note to my U.S. Rep. and members of the Arkansas legislature.

12/7/11, 1:44 PM  
Blogger Bill Smith said...

Go Bob Go!!! Thank you.

12/7/11, 1:45 PM  

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