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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lawmakers Propose Bill to End Racial Profiling; Has Hidden Agenda

Cross posted from Patriot's CornerPatriotUSA: This is just bad news all the way around the block. One look at the traitorous politicians sponsoring this bill is enough to make you sick. This is mainly a move to garner more votes for the democrats in November and to ensure the re-election of the first Muslim, illegal alien POTUS.

This bill, as proposed would possibly force law enforcement agencies to make 'sensitivity training' mandatory. Lawsuits would become 'easier' for those claiming discrimination to sue government agencies at all levels. No doubt that the followers of islam might be kicking each other to the curb to get a lawsuit filed first. Past actions speak loudly in this arena. Just think what CAIR and other Muslim organizations would be telling their followers to do, bury the government with lawsuits and more.

"Some of the influential leftist groups pushing to pass this law claim that racial profiling was traditionally thought of as targeting African Americans but has expanded, especially after the 9/11 terrorist attacks."

We know that Muslims have screamed the loudest about being racially or criminally profiled and their accusations have always proven to be false. But that is all right. Under Islamic law it is OK to lie to us infidels and kafirs. Just a little thing called taqiyya.

Israeli airlines have used racial profiling for years. EVERYONE is a suspected terrorist until proven otherwise. How many terrorist attacks have Israeli airlines suffered in the past compared to other airlines and their security?

As the Republicans continue to flounder about, true Conservatives are totally disgusted and it is no wonder so many I now do not like any of the choices we have on the right. I do not think there will much difference after the next election from who ends up in the White House. The real battle is in Congress and who will control the House and the Senate.

From - Lawmakers propose bill to end racial profiling; millions to be spent
By Jim Kouri
A bill pending in the U.S. Congress to totally ban racial profiling by all U.S. law enforcement departments allocates millions of dollars in federal funds for police officer sensitivity training programs. The bill as written will also make it easier for those who claim discrimination to sue federal, state or local governments for damages.

According to a public-interest group that investigates government corruption and abuse, while the proposed law’s main selling point of ending purported discrimination by federal state and local police is noble, some of its provisions are outrageous and will cost taxpayers dearly.

The measure, End Racial Profiling Act of 2011 (ERPA), was first introduced in the U.S. Senate by Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin who was named the nation's most liberal senator by the National Journal last year, according to the Judicial Watch blog.

This month Rep. John Conyers, the ethically challenged Michigan congressman embroiled in several corruption scandals, introduced the measure in the U.S. House. Conyers has been the focus of several Judicial Watch investigations in the past.

Criminal Profiling is a law-enforcement tool with a history that began in the early 1980s. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Sciences Unit developed the first profile for a serial-killer (which, by the way, indicated a white male among its criteria).

Then, according to former-FBI special agent Robert Ressler, the BSU created profiles for other categories of crime including terrorism. Through the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, local law-enforcement officers were provided instruction in profiling, which they brought back to their respective police agencies.
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