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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mississippi House Passes Tough Immigration Bill

Fox News reports:
A bill modeled after Alabama's tough immigration law moved through Mississippi's House on Friday, although the legislation's sponsor said the language that could get it tied up in a federal court was removed.

The House Judiciary B Committee voted 15-6 to pass House Bill 488, which now goes to the House Education Committee. It would then go to the full chamber. . . .
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Anonymous Liliana Rose said...

Next, the Justice Department will file a lawsuit against Mississippi...

2/26/12, 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Steve Burton said...

That is great.

2/26/12, 11:35 AM  
Anonymous Barbara Linde said...

Sort of makes me want to move back to Mississippi......wish Arkansas would follow suit......

2/26/12, 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Barbie Ann Burrow said...

Shared article on FaceBook

2/26/12, 11:37 AM  
Anonymous Johnny Publique said...

I love good news with my coffee:-)

2/27/12, 9:47 PM  
Anonymous Bill Minyard said...

First passed in Alabama, now Mississippi.
Do you think we could get something going here in Arkansas in 2013?

2/27/12, 9:49 PM  

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