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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

National Support From ALIPAC For Alabama And Fremont Nebraska Illegal Immigration Laws

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) is offering national support to the backers of Alabama's new illegal immigration control legislation as well as the 75% of Fremon Nebraska's municipal ordinance that was cleared by the courts this week.

ALIPAC's extensive national activist network is now deployed sharing the news with state lawmakers across America that Alabama's unemployment rate has dropped quickly in response to the peaceful departure of illegal immigrants in response to state level immigration law enforcement.

ALIPAC activists are busy rallying city and town council members nationwide to implement laws similar to Fremont Nebraska ordinance. Recent court rulings have cleared the way for towns like Farmers Branch Texas, Hazelton Pennsylvania and many others to do just that.

"We need American defenders fighting on every level right now!" said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "We are fighting against the illegal immigration invasion of America in our towns, in our states, in Washington, DC and in the campaigns and elections. Americans need every job and every taxpayer resource we can reclaim from illegal aliens."

ALIPAC activists are delivering an article written by Neil Munro published in the Daily Caller on February 20, 2012 to state lawmakers in all 50 states titled "Alabama’s immigration reform again cuts unemployment".

“In the last three months alone, we’ve seen an unprecedented drop of 1.7 percentage points,” noted Alabama Republican Gov. Robert Bentley in a Jan. 20 statement. The drop began after a bipartisan 2011 law toughened the state’s immigration enforcement policies. The reform prompted many low-skilled illegal immigrants to leave the state, and was slammed by advocates for illegal immigrants, including Tom Perez, the chief of the Justice Department’s civil regulation division.

"We expect the illegal aliens to leave any state or town where they hear local Americans will be enforcing the popularly supported immigration laws duly passed by our constitutionally empowered Congress," said William Gheen. "Our activists are taking steps to make sure every state and town lawmaker knows it is incumbent upon them to protect American citizens from the dire consequences of invasion when the federal government fails in its most basic responsibility to enforce Article 4 of the US Constitution."

To schedule interviews or for more information about ALIPAC's efforts to spread versions of Arizona's and Alabama's illegal immigration laws to other states, or activist efforts to spread Fremont Nebraska's court authorized city ordinance to other towns, please visit

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