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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Obama Tells Woman Her Husband Shouldn't Be Unemployed

NumbersUSA Email:  On January 30, President Barack Obama held an online town hall meeting where he took questions from Americans via webcam. One participant, Jennifer Wedel of Fort Worth, Texas, asked, "Why does the government continue to issue and extend H-1B visas when there are tons of Americans just like my husband with no job?"

The question caused all sorts of problems for the president. He admitted that there needs to be limits to the H-1B program, but found it "interesting" that Mrs. Wedel's husband, a semiconductor engineer couldn't find a job.

Clearly, President Obama still doesn't understand that the H-1B program does not work. Far too many foreign workers are imported by technology companies and they are employed instead of U.S. workers (like Mrs. Wedels's husband). And instead of promising to do something about the problem, he finds the problem "interesting."

Please send President Obama a fax and ask him to reform the H-1B program and help America's technology workers to get back to work.

You can view the exchange between President Obama and Mrs. Wedel below:

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Blogger amsterdamsel said...

Really? That's what you heard??? Are you sure you're not re-interpreting to suit your own agenda? I didn't once hear President Obama say her husband should not be unemployed and I certainly didn't hear him say it in the snarky manner you suggest. What I heard him say was the H-1B is only supposed to be used by those companies that cannot find the specialized talent they need. He also offered to take her husband's resume and pass it along to companies that need specialized engineers.

2/3/12, 9:27 PM  
Blogger Tatersalad said...

Democrats in Congress, especially Catholics, by supporting Obamcare, are now throwing their religious beliefs "under the bus" to support their savior, their Messiah and their boss. Contraception costs and usage are mandated in Obamacare and by supporting Obamacare, they are enablers for the deaths of children.

Remember Bart Stupack, (D), Michigan and his stance on abortion and how Obama lied to him>

2/7/12, 1:55 PM  

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