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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

When Activism Extinguishes Public Conversation

By Dominique Peridans, Center for Immigration Studies The Washington Post recently offered a profile of immigration activist Jaime Contreras, who arrived illegally in the United States in 1988 at age 13, and currently chairs the Capital Area District of 32BJ, an affiliate of the Service Employees International Union. It is actually difficult to understand the purpose of such a profile, especially since there is nothing specifically new on the horizon regarding the focus of Mr. Contreras’ activism. It is perhaps intended to be a(nother) touching story on bravery – the activism equivalent of a tale of “rags-to-riches”. Wait, there is one specific current issue mentioned in the article, something that is to occur during the course of this year. Contreras “is leading efforts this year in Maryland to win approval, in a referendum, of the state’s version of a Dream Act, which would grant in-state college tuition discounts to undocumented immigrants.” [Read Full Story]

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