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Friday, March 16, 2012

Amnesty for Illegal Immigrant Women buried in Violence Bill

TEA Party: Amnesty for Illegal Immigrant Women buried in Violence Bill - posted via ALIPAC
NY TIMES: WASHINGTON — With emotions still raw from the fight over President Obama’s contraception mandate, Senate Democrats are beginning a push to renew the Violence Against Women Act, the once broadly bipartisan 1994 legislation that now faces fierce opposition from conservatives. [. . . ]

The legislation would continue existing grant programs to local law enforcement and battered women shelters, but would expand efforts to reach Indian tribes and rural areas. It would increase the availability of free legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, extend the definition of violence against women to include stalking, and provide training for civil and criminal court personnel to deal with families with a history of violence. It would also allow more battered illegal immigrants to claim temporary visas, and would include same-sex couples in programs for domestic violence.

Republicans say the measure, under the cloak of battered women, unnecessarily expands immigration avenues by creating new definitions for immigrant victims to claim battery. More important, they say, it fails to put in safeguards to ensure that domestic violence grants are being well spent. It also dilutes the focus on domestic violence by expanding protections to new groups, like same-sex couples, they say.

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Blogger Travis70 said...

Leave it to the sneaky democrats to try (probably under the direction of president osama) to slip that past the voters. It is time for people to start holding their representatives accountable. Make a stand and demand a change or removal from office campaign. These snakes keep trying to slip amnesty in, time and time again, against the MAJORITY of AMERICAN voters and citizens. These slime balls are elected to represent their constituents and yet the only people they want to represent are the minority that want to grant illegals amnesty and the illegals themselves.

3/16/12, 1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A minority???? This is the problem with the right wing.. they have this huuuge disconnect with reality. They all want to deport every single illegal immigrant but they don't know a single one of them. They don't understand their real impact in the economy and society. They are just drove by Fox's hate towards almost everything they don't understand. Go meet an illegal immigrant, meet their families and their communities. Then you might understand that just because we say it, we won't stop people from pursuing THE AMERICAN DREAM

4/18/12, 10:12 AM  
Blogger Bill Smith said...

I just love the way people remain anonymous when making accusations. This person appears to have the real disconnect from reality. First, it is reality that the United States is not protecting its borders including airport terminals and ports, coast lines from invasion. In addition, the US Govt is not deporting properly people who enter the US illegally.

The key word is ILLEGAL. Also how can an illegals have "their communities." If so, then the lie and falsehoods are perpetuated even more.

I know there are people desperate to enter the U.S. and that many are lovely people. I know that I could right now drive to town, go to one of the areas' restaurants frequented by illegals and recruit a couple illegals to do work - and do it well - for cash. In reality, I might be able to do the same thing via a few of the local churches. However, I DO NOT do this!

Why because it is wrong - in fact illegal! It creates a continuance of an illegal underground system and perpetuates the problem. Just because people are already here illegally does does not mean that these people should now be made via Amnesty as legal citizens.

Amnesty is a magnet. It just makes the problems worse.

4/18/12, 11:52 AM  

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