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Friday, March 02, 2012

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Favor Keeping Illegal Aliens Out of U.S. Jobs

NumbersUSA: A nationwide poll conducted by Pulse Opinion Research found that practically all groups of Americans favor mandating the E-Verify system, a free tool that will reduce the presence of illegal aliens in U.S. jobs. The poll, conducted on February 16, 2012, found that 78% of likely voters favor the use of mandatory worker verification, which will open up more job openings for unemployed Americans and legal residents.

It's easy to understand why E-Verify has widespread support, especially with 20 million Americans struggling to find a full-time job. E-Verify is the smart and sensible approach to immigration enforcement that Americans have demanded. Among likely voters who expressed an opinion:
  • 94% of Republicans support E-Verify
  • 84% of Independents support E-Verify
  • 81% of Democrats support E-Verify
Despite these findings, most members of Congress have failed to support E-Verify. Send this critical message to your 2 U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative today, urging them to do more to protect vulnerable U.S. citizens and legal residents from illegal aliens. This is a completely free service. There is no cost to you.

Dear (Your 3 Members of Congress Will Appear Here),
I wanted to let you know about the results of a new poll on mandatory workplace verification: more than three-quarters of all American voters support it! Isn't this enough reason to support mandatory E-Verify legislation and make sure it makes its way through Congress?
Mandating workplace verification is simply an issue of fairness. Right now, unemployed Americans and legal immigrants don't even have first refusal to U.S. jobs. How is this fair? Shouldn't Americans get first crack at jobs in their own country? Mandating E-Verify will make that happen.
Among likely voters who have an opinion, 94% of Republicans, 84% of independents, and 81% of Democrats support making E-Verify mandatory. This is not a partisan issue and nobody in Congress should be using it as such. The 20 million Americans who cannot find a full-time job do not deserve it.
Please support E-Verify and help these Americans get back to work.
(Your Name Will Appear Here)


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Blogger Travis70 said...

Unfortunately these numbers are under reported by the media. Liberals and racist groups such as LaRaza are quick to add that supporters of E-Verify and the system itself is racist.

3/8/12, 9:05 AM  

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