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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houston's City Hall Proudly Displays Mexican Flag In The Legal Department

H/T Stop the Magnet: Imagine my surprise when I stepped off the elevator and looked through a glass partition on my right to see a Mexican Flag displayed on a cubicle. I was visiting the Legal Dept. [at Houston City Hall] to try to get clarity on exactly where petitioners may operate in "public forums". Have we been captured? What does this signify for our petition efforts?

Houston....we have a problem.
Editor Note: We are please to see the author of "Stop the Magnet" standing tall and fighting to stop the magnet of jobs and benefits for illegals. By stopping the magnet, we encourage them to leave our country. They are running a campaign to get a petition signed to get the Houston City Council to put sanctuary cities to a vote by the people of Houston, so the People can decide whether they want their city to be a sanctuary city or not, instead of it being proclaimed by a police chief, as is the case in Houston, as well as many other cities in Texas. Isn't it an outrage that an unelected city official gets to set policy for the people of Houston?

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