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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama, Holder & Napolitano Leave Alabama Citizens Vulnerable to Criminals s

by Raju Chebium, Montgomery Advertiser reports: [Extracted] Thirty Alabama counties that are barred from setting up an immigration-verification system for jail inmates may be able to do so next year. . . . Napolitano said the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Alabama’s immigration law must be resolved before the Obama administration decides whether to lift the restrictions on the 30 counties.

Secure Communities is a Homeland Security program that allows the agency to check the fingerprints of people arrested by state and local authorities against federal immigration databases. Undocumented people are subject to eventual deportation.

The administration allowed 37 Alabama counties to implement Secure Communities before last summer, when the Justice Department sued to block HB 56, Alabama’s law targeting illegal immigrants. . . . The Alabama immigration law is virtually identical to an Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. The Supreme Court hears arguments in the Arizona case April 25 and is expected to rule by July. That decision could validate or nullify the administration’s suit targeting the Alabama law.

Both laws require local law enforcement officers to verify the immigration status of drivers during routine traffic stops. Federal courts have blocked that portion of Alabama’s law.

Alabama’s congressional delegation, with the exception of the sole Democrat, Rep. Terri Sewell, have pressed Napolitano to enact Secure Communities in all 67 counties. . . . “Your department’s decision to cease assisting Alabama in the removal of dangerous illegal aliens is wholly inconsistent with this administration’s stated position of focusing on the removal of those very individuals,” they wrote.

. . . Under President George W. Bush, 60 local agencies signed up for 287(g). Only eight have signed up since August 2010. Alabama officials said the number would be higher if their state’s agencies were allowed to take part. [by the Feds] [Full Story]

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