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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Obama’s Amnesty Destroying Core Moral Fabric of America

Via Article by By Mickey McCarter on Homeland Security Today

Immigration offices at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the
Department of Justice Friday unveiled a plan to suspend court proceedings for
illegal aliens who have not been detained in certain large urban areas around
the country.

Previously, DHS and the Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review
(EOIR) ran a pilot program in Baltimore, Md., and Denver, Colo., to delay
review of some cases for illegal aliens who were not being held in detention
by US authorities. DHS and EOIR ran the pilot program from Dec. 4, 2011, to
Jan. 13, 2012. The rescheduling of cases for non-detained aliens in those
cases enabled judges to focus on the cases of detained aliens, according to
the Justice Department.

The pilot in Baltimore and Denver was considered successful, so the agencies
have moved forward to expand the effort. Although they made no public
announcement, DHS and Justice told federal officials Friday that they would
begin a similar effort to reschedule the cases of non-detained illegal aliens
in Detroit, Mich., New Orleans, La., Orlando, Fla., and Seattle, Wash.,
beginning later this month.
In May, the departments will further reschedule
some cases for non-detained illegal aliens in New York City, and then again
in July in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Previously, EOIR explained, the agencies started the pilot program for
rescheduling the cases as a means to support prosecutorial discretion
policies promulgated by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Aug.
18, 2011. The goal of the ICE prosecutorial discretion policy is to
prioritize the cases of illegal aliens that pose a national security or
public safety threat to US communities, according to DHS.

EOIR announced the pilots in Baltimore and Denver last November. As part of
the larger move to prioritize the cases of illegal aliens, DHS and Justice
said ICE attorneys would review all incoming and pending cases.

ICE attorneys then may make decisions on the application of prosecutorial
discretion on a case-by-case basis. Their decisions may result in the
administrative closing of the cases against illegal aliens who are not
considered a threat to society. Many Republicans have decried the result as
"backdoor amnesty," as the Obama administration can allow illegal aliens to
remain in the country legally through the administrative process as long they
commit no serious crimes.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,
decried the announcement to reschedule cases for non-detained illegal aliens
to focus court cases on detained illegal aliens.

In a statement Friday, Smith protested the policy as the "expansion of
backdoor amnesty
." As a result of suspending court cases for non-detained
illegal aliens, illegal criminal aliens could post bond and leave jail,
thereby potentially remaining within the United States legally.

"The Obama administration's decision to expand its backdoor amnesty plan to
cities across the United States endangers Americans and insults law
enforcement officials," Smith said.
"The Obama administration's refusal to
enforce immigration law encourages more illegal immigration and rewards those
who have broken our laws by allowing them to remain here and apply for work
authorization. And the Department of Homeland Security could let some
criminal illegal immigrants, such as those charged with drunk driving, stay
in the United States. Why would the Obama administration knowingly jeopardize
the health and lives of Americans?"

Smith continued, "A recent poll found that two-thirds of the American people
want to see our immigration laws enforced. The Obama administration should
put the interests of the American people ahead of those who have broken our
immigration laws."

The Obama administration has produced a list of factors to consider as
favorable for illegal aliens who have committed no serious or repeat crimes
as matters to consider when determining whether to close cases against them.
Those factors include whether or not illegal aliens have lived in the United
States for a long time, have family members who are US citizens, or have
other compelling ties to the United States. The administration also would
like to suspend or close cases for illegal aliens who were brought to the
United States as minors but then served in the military or attended college.
It would also consider the cases of those who would benefit from various
proposals under the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors
(DREAM) Act.

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