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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Illegal -- Undocumented -- News Articles

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Latino groups rally to protest McLean County, IL sheriff's detention policies - BLOOMINGTON — Advocates for McLean County Latino residents are looking for changes in local law enforcement practices that they say pose an unfair deportation threat to illegal immigrants, but the county’s top law enforcement official is defending the policy. . . .

Members of LUC, Illinois People’s Action and several other groups criticized the policy of the McLean County jail to contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for all individuals born outside the U.S. as a means to verify identification. . . . The wife of an illegal immigrant told the crowd that her husband was held by ICE after a traffic stop and sent to Chicago, a trip that resulted in stress on the family, a $180 bond and $176 in impound fees for his vehicle. “This incident has disrupted all our lives,” said the speaker. . . .

Sheriff Mike Emery cited data Tuesday that he argues support the need to verify identification and criminal histories. Of the 118 individuals held on ICE detainer orders issued from July 2011 to April 2012, 61 percent had multiple aliases and 58 percent had prior arrests in McLean County, according to the data. . . .  From July 2011 to April 2012, the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued detainers or federal holds for 118 individuals in the McLean County jail . . .

Oregon police will accept Mexican consular cards as proof of identity during traffic stops - SALEM, Ore. — Law enforcement officials in Oregon are preparing to accept identification cards issued by the Mexican government to prove people's identities during traffic stops and other police contacts, Gov. John Kitzhaber announced in a letter to May Day demonstrators Tuesday. . . . Illegal immigrants will still be unable to get a driver's license, but people who drive without one are generally cited and released. State officials say the ability to accept and verify Matricula Consular cards will help officers verify identities faster.

Fox News guest: ‘Illegals’ can go home if they don’t like the slur - . . . The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields told Fox News host Sean Hannity that liberals were trying to “demonize” conservatives in the Colorlines campaign to “Drop the I-Word.”

“I’m not stopping it,” Hannity insisted. “Illegal immigrant! Illegal!”

“People that enter into the country illegally are illegal,” Fields remarked. “OK, that’s not a racial slur. That’s not racist. This is simply just liberals trying so hard to change the subject, to distract voters from Obama’s failed policies.”

“I think it’s a racial slur, to be sure,” left-leaning Fox News contributor Bob Beckel replied. “It’s hate speech, which you right-wingers are pretty good at.”

“So, you think I’m a racist?” Hannity wondered.

“I just think that in and of itself it is a racist word,” Beckel replied.

“If illegals are so upset about the term ‘illegal,’ why don’t they return to their country, apply for a visa and then come back legally,” Fields advised. “And then we won’t call them illegals.” . . . .

ACLU condemns SC immigration law - Columbia (WACH) - The American Civil Liberties Union criticized South Carolina’s anti-illegal immigration bill Tuesday during stops in Columbia and Charleston. Governor Haley signed the bill late last year, it requires businesses to verify potential employees' immigration status before hiring them and instructs local police to call federal immigration officials if they suspect someone is in the country illegally.

Critics say the law encourages racial profiling. The US Supreme Court is reviewing a similar law in Arizona, and court’s decision could have ramifications in the Palmetto State. . . .

Enrique Alvaraez-Soria: Had 14 Gallons of Liquid Meth in Truck's Fuel Tank - Enrique Alvaraez-Soria, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, . . , 41, entered a guilty plea in Houston to transporting liquid meth from Mexico in one of a Ford F-250's two fuel tanks.

In October DEA agents got a tip that such a vehicle would be carrying the drug across the border. Agents intercepted it, then took over the delivery duties to a farm in Montgomery County. "On Oct. 28, 2011, agents observed Alvarez-Soria arrive at the ranch, remove some red colored gas cans from the vehicle he was driving and siphon the liquid methamphetamine from the front fuel tank of the Ford F-250 and into the red gas cans," the U.S. Attorney's Office says. "Subsequently, officers stopped him and discovered the liquid methamphetamine and suspected acetone, mixing trays, buckets and a pump which are used to separate the methamphetamine from the liquid."

Total haul: About 14 gallons of the stuff. He also pleaded guilty to delivering four kilos of 82-percent pure meth to a DPS undercover agent in August. He faces ten years to life, with sentencing set for August 30.

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