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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Pres BO was in shock when we water-boarded 3 terrorists but totally indifferent about 300-plus dead in Mexico

My View by Silvio Canto: The other big story of the week is Congress holding AG Holder in contempt of Congress.

We got to this point because AG Holder and Pres BO have invoked executive privilege on this issue.

We believe that "executive privilege" is a presidential prerogative.  We understand that presidents must protect their confidential conversations.  It is important for advisors to speak candidly to the president without "leaks" to The NY Times.

Executive privilege is a bit strange here because Pres BO has spent two years saying that he did not speak to anyone about Fast and Furious.  We were told that Pres BO learned about the operation after the fact.  So what conversations is he protecting?

As we've posted before, there are 2 dead officers.  We are talking about Officer Terry killed on the US-Mexico border and Officer Zapata killed on a Mexican highway.

And let's not forget that 300-plus Mexicans have been killed.  In fact, it may be more than 300 because the overall total is 50,000 south of the border.

Yes, the House was correct. Unfortunately, many Dems walked out rather than vote on the issue. That was disgraceful!

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