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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Another Border Patrol Agent Killed

By Velcro, Conservative Observer AZ.

Another Border Patrol agent has been killed along the southern Arizona border, ironically near the station in Naco recently named for slain agent Brian Terry.  Another agent was wounded and a third unharmed, according to the LA Times.

In the wake of the investigative report by Mexican television network Univision of the Fast and Furious debacle, one has to wonder when Eric Holder and the DOJ are going to be held accountable for the weapons being used against Americans and Mexicans.

What will it take for the Obama administration to take seriously the threats coming into America from our southern border?  While Obama throws open the gates to illegal aliens, and Homeland Insecurity Secretary Janet Napolitano makes sure their same-sex partners are well cared for, our Border Patrol is dying literally and figuratively.

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