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Monday, October 08, 2012

Destroyed Property, Death and the Danger of the Mexican Border

By Velcro, Conservative Observer AZ.
I think most of us in southern Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, who are willing to be honest and who care for our country (had to put in those qualifiers), already know the information I'm going to point you to below. But it is still important - no, critical - to keep this kind of information in front of the public's eyes.  The current administration must be held accountable.

This is a ~3 minute video interview of south Texas rancher Dr. Mike Vickers showing and describing what is happening ALL ALONG THE MEXICAN BORDER. Of course, here in Arizona we have had the worst case scenario a number of times. Remember Robert Krenz? (I link to Facebook here because incredibly, searches of "Robert Krenz", "Krenz", "Krenz, death", and "Rancher Krenz" did not yield any results from the Arizona Daily "Red" Star. They've buried the stories deep in the archive you can only access if you pay.)

Link is to Maggie's Notebook. A great blog!

On a side note, based on what I'm reading from various law enforcement and Border Patrol personnel related web sites, I'M NOT BUYING THE "FRIENDLY FIRE" STORY about Nick Ivie's death.

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