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Friday, October 12, 2012

Illegal immigrant accepts plea deal, forced return to Mexico

What Do You Think - about the following concept of convicting, releasing and deporting criminals who of illegals aliens?
LAPORTE | A LaPorte man could have received up to 50 years in prison but agreed to be locked up for just a few years as long as he stays in Mexico when he gets out.

It's the second such deal struck in the past two weeks between the attorneys for offenders in the country illegally and prosecutors in LaPorte taking a new approach to sentencing illegal immigrants.

LaPorte County Deputy Prosecutor Chris Fronk said it's a great deal for defendants because they get out of prison much sooner and for the taxpayers saving on the costs of incarceration and freeing up space in overcrowded prisons.

Miguel Rosalez Palomare, 32, was given four years in prison and 36 years on probation for Class A felony dealing cocaine under a plea agreement.

Fronk said arrangements were made in advance with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to have Palomare deported upon his release from prison.

Once deported, Palomare will not be required to report back to the U.S. to meet with probation officers or comply with any other requirements of his probation.

The probation will remain in effect so if Palomare does cross back across the border and is caught a hold will be placed on him to serve the entire sentence in prison, said Fronk.

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Blogger Velcro said...

I'm sure he will honor his commitment... why wouldn't he? /sarc>

10/29/12, 3:28 PM  

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