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Friday, February 01, 2013

Amnesty Tide Shifting In Washington

by Chris Chmielenski, NumbersUSA: After a four-day gushing of praise from the mainstream media over the Gang of Eight's immigration proposal, reality is beginning to sink in. Today's Washington Post headline read: DEAL ON MIGRANTS FACES BIG OBSTACLE.

And Politico also played up a theme pushed all week by our very own Rosemary Jenks (who has been quoted more than 200 times this week) that not all Democrats are on board with offering an amnesty to the nation's 11 million illegal aliens.
They swoon over the kind of bipartisanship that brings together John McCain and Marco Rubio on the one hand and Ba rack Obama and Chuck Schumer on the other.

They believe the Republican Party needs to moderate its harsh rhetoric about immigrants -- if only to salvage its political future -- and are welcoming the GOP's new realism.

But is that enthusiasm causing media organizations to overestimate the prospects for reform?

Some of this started yesterday when CNN commentator and Newsweek Washington Bureau Chief Howard Kurtz called out the media for its slanted coverage of the immigration proposals. In his column, he wrote that the "mainstream media are rooting for immigration reform" and cautioned them on their optimism.
The reality is, there are plenty of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have expressed serious concerns with this week's amnesty outlines. Furthermore, Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Speaker John Boehner have said that they plan to use regular order -- subcommittee markups, committee markups, and floor debate -- before allowing a final vote, so we have no idea what a final bill may look like.

Today's more cautious coverage from the media could be a reaction to comments made yesterday by Sen. Chuck Schumer. During a press conference with fellow Gang Member Dick Durbin and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Schumer said: "We are not using border security as a block to a path to citizenship." This is the same Chuck Schumer who helped strip the enforcement "triggers" out of the 1986 amnesty bill. And he was making it clear that the benefits of amnesty will not be delayed by any enforcement triggers this time either.

Seems as though Sen. Marco Rubio, who's been leading the GOP effort for the Gang of Eight, has some decisions to make. After all, he said on the Senate floor on Tuesday: "If it is certified that the enforcement mechanisms [including securing the border] are in place and have happened--that is critical--then and only then do we then move to phase 2 [a pathway to citizenship]."

Will Rubio simply ignore Sen. Schumer's statement? Will he demand that Sen. Schumer clarify what he said? Or will he simply pull out of the Gang of Eight almost ensuring that the amnesty proposal collapses?

In the meantime, we need to keep the pressure on Congress. . . .

We've still got a long way to go in this fight. But if you followed the reporting from earlier this week, you would think a mass amnesty was inevitable this year. Your phone calls, however, have truly helped shift the tide!
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Anonymous Maggie said...

As the bill is now, Big Sis determines when the borders are secure. Congress handing over their powers once again.

2/5/13, 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one besides we the people are going to decide this issue, we need to be making so much noise that shutting us up will be the number one priority for the politicians aka employees.
The legal immigrants need to make a choice between being a loyal American or a disloyal whatever, this amnesty will hurt us all because it will be an unsustainable burden on our economy and resources.
We all see what's happening in and to our country and it's not good, who ever isnt in agreement is a minority of the legal population.
This issue could be the spark that lights the fire, I hope not,but...

2/20/13, 4:40 PM  

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