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Friday, March 15, 2013

Border Patrol Local 2544: Throats Being Slashed at "Secure" Border

Submitted by Velcro, crossposted at Conservative Observer AZ.
I know, I keep repeating what the good folks over at Local 2544 are saying, but I do it because it's information from firsthand sources that isn't compromised by spin (or censorship) from DHS.  Most of us cannot really visualize what the job of a Border Patrol agent is like, and I can't say that I do either.  But it's critical to our nation's security that we get it.  That's why I look to sources like  All of the quotes below are from posts on their site.

Last week, they confirmed what thinking people easily predicted:  Namely, that sequestration cuts disproportionately applied to the Border Patrol, coupled with DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's humming-fingers-in-ears declaration that THE BORDER IS SECURE would lead to a new tidal wave of illegal aliens crossing the border from Mexico to the U.S.

Anyone with half a brain (myself included) would see how this would escalate the danger, and Local 2544 confirms that it has.
"People are getting their throats slashed at Janet Napolitano’s “secure” border in the Tucson sector. Two dead and one severely wounded just this week. The wounded man was able to flag down some Border Patrol agents after crawling for help." [Emphasis mine].
And there is this.
"Another Tucson sector station has seen large groups of up to 111 illegal aliens staging at the border and then deftly avoiding all sensors and other surveillance devices. As we warned, it will keep getting worse. Of course, once they all get past us we have ICE to arrest them. No, wait, Janet won’t let ICE do their jobs either. But not to worry, the area where these large groups are congregating is slated to have patrol agents removed next month. That should help the situation."
And posted just today,
"As of yesterday, groups of illegal aliens as large as three-hundred (300) have been spotted by Border Patrol agents in the Tucson Sector. These huge groups are being drawn here by promises of amnesty from the Obama Administration and they know that border security is getting real lax, real fast...  Congratulations President Obama, Secretary Napolitano and Deputy Commissioner Aguilar. You have done more to dismantle the morale and effectiveness of the Border Patrol than anyone else in the history of this Agency...And with agents soon scrambling to scrape up enough money to pay their bills and keep from losing their homes we are going to see an increase in corruption and a lot of agents who are preoccupied with personal problems when they are on duty.  Secretary Napolitano will not lose one dime of her inflated paycheck, and her underlings like Bianca Warner will still be knocking down over $170,000 a year while sitting in her nice office complaining about how Border Patrol agents are overpaid."
For some interesting visual and audio information, take a look at
From (see links above)

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