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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Deadly Cost of Illegal Aliens Behind the Wheel

by Bob Unruh, World News Daily: [WND has changed the names of the mother and son in this story at their request.] Amidst all the lobbying that will go on in Washington over the next few months over amnesty for illegal aliens, one issue probably won’t get much attention.

But Sandra Kay knows all about it. Her son, a soldier who served overseas without getting injured, is paying the costs of it – with a year of rehabilitation and probably a lifetime of pain and trouble because an illegal alien driver caused a crash that left him seriously hurt.

The driver had no license and was in a borrowed car with a lapsed insurance policy, Kay told WND. He made an illegal turn, sending Kay’s son tumbling from his motorcycle onto the highway.

Then the offender disappeared before his scheduled court appearance and the case later was resolved with a judge’s decision that probation was appropriate.

Kay’s son, Timothy, still is paying. He goes to therapy regularly for a leg “pieced together with screws and plates and rods” which still is missing a piece of bone one of the surgeons said could not be found. . . .

Kay admits she’s not as forgiving as her son, and she’s upset. “[The driver] was issued a ticket for driving without a license and improper turn and given a summons for a court appearance. That is all he was ticketed with. He was released. He did not appear for his first court date and we were told he could not be found. … The court disposed of the case [with] a year’s unsupervised probation and a $250 fine. A year’s unsupervised probation and a $250 fine. He was released back out into the general population,” she told WND. . . .

Actually, Timothy may have been among the lucky. The Limits to Growth website reported just days ago that six-year-old Brandon Abrams was struck by a drunk-driving illegal alien who was only 17 years old.

Abrams died en route to a hospital. According to the San Antonio Express-News, Abrams was waiting on the sidewalk for an ice cream truck when 17-year-old Luis Enrique Landin reportedly dropped a cell phone while driving and reached to pick it up, losing control of his pickup truck.

The report said the impact knocked Abrams out of his black shoes.

Kay told WND she investigated the situation a little and was told Fairfax, Va., where her son’s accident happened, was a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens. . . . Read Full Story

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