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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

"The Tidal Wave Has Begun" -- Border Patrol Local 2544

Submitted by Velcro, crossposted at Conservative Observer AZ.

Border Patrol union local 2544 in the Tucson sector reports that the influx of large groups of illegal aliens has begun crossing the Arizona border.  This in itself increases the danger in those areas, but the union is also reporting a new phenomenon (actually an old one repeating itself from the past).
"We will continue to have large groups of illegal aliens chasing Border Patrol agents down so they can be “arrested”, knowing they will be set free and given temporary permission to remain here in the United States (no jail space to keep them locked up until their cases are adjudicated). Once they are set free with a “promise to appear” (wink, wink) 99% of them will disappear and never be heard from again unless they commit some heinous crime. Then, years down the road we will have a new group of politicians and activists screaming about how we need to “bring these people out of the shadows” by giving them amnesty. This is how the merry-go-round works. Proven time and time again over the span of many decades."
Adding insult to injury, Border Patrol agents have had their uniform allowance cut off while TSA, also under the Department of Homeland Security, bought $50 million worth of uniforms, coming to around $1,000 per agent.

Thanks for nothing, Janet.  You, OF ALL PEOPLE, as a former governor of Arizona, should know the impact of your foolish decisions on those who are charged to protect us along the border, and on those of us who live in southern Arizona!

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