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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tell Your Senators to Oppose Amnesty Bill Without English

ProEnglish: Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the immigration bill S.744 in a 13-5 vote. Now the bill is headed to the full Senate floor for a vote. This bill will grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, without even requiring they first learn English to become legalized!

The politicians in Washington keep saying these law-breakers will “have to learn English” in order to become legal. This is simply not the case. ProEnglish has carefully gone through the bill and found that the immediate legalization provisions (in Section 245B) have no English language requirements at all!

That’s right; to become legalized and considered a “Registered Provisional Immigrant” under this bill, there is no requirement to learn English. Years down the road, if those with Registered Provisional Immigrant status decide they want to seek a green card (permanent legal status) there are some very weak English language requirements. But the immediate amnesty granting has no English language requirement.

This bill will legalize millions of non-English speaking illegals overnight by declaring them to be Registered Provisional Immigrants -- all without requiring English! Once they’re legalized, they will be able to demand that government services be translated for them under Executive Order 13166. These translations will be a huge cost to the taxpayer.

We must not let this happen. This week, the Senate is in recess. Your two Senators will be home in your state during the week. Call both of them at your nearest district office listed below. Let them know how you feel about this bill and demand that real English language requirements be included!

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