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Monday, June 17, 2013

Sen. Boxer: Take Money To Build Border Fence And Spend It On Immigrant Healthcare

by Warner Todd Huston: California Senator Barbara Boxer has a great idea. Let’s take all that darn money awayfrom border security and instead spend it on freebie healthcare for illegals. Great, huh?

This moron Democrat is planning on introducing an amendment to the Senate’s immigration bill that will redirect funds from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and spend it on entitlements to the illegals who will miraculously become full citizens with the Senate’s bill.

Current supporters of the amnesty bill claim that these new “citizens ” won’t be eligible for welfare and entitlements, but here comes Boxer to show us what Democrats really want to do. As it is, we already have illegals receiving $4 billion in government assistance a year. That will grow exponentially with this amnesty business.

And how are we to find all these people? We already know that Obama’s DHS can’t locate 266 dangerous criminal aliens already.

Boxer claims that her amendment will also be funded by the “fines” that these sudden Americanos will pay when applying for their citizenship. But, as in all government claims that massive amounts of tax dollars that will supposedly come from some new scheme, this won’t be likely occur. These “fines” will not likely amount to much if we ever see any of them, and the payments certainly would never be enough for a permanent new entitlement.

Boxer plans on her new freebie healthcare program to illegals to be a permanent program and even if the new citizens pay their “fines” it’ll be a one shot deal. Paid once and done. So, where will the rest of the money come from for the continuing freebie program? Yep, our taxes.

The current bill claims that these newly legalized people won’t be eligible for federal welfare programs for 15 years. But, naturally, Boxer’s amendment nixes that idea in favor of near immediate welfare assistance.

The fact is this bill will create two things, both likely permanent. First it will create a permanent underclass that will never really become Americans (as in assimilating as true, practicing Americans), people who will stay poor forever. Second it will create a permanent Democrat majority as this class of people clamor for ever more welfare and tax money for themselves… and will now wield the power of the vote to get it. And the Democrat Party will be happy to keep giving it to them in order to stay in power.

Worse we are seeing lie after lie from Democrats. Obama, for instance, has already lied when he claimed that the bill would require illegals to learn English.

The first solution to the immigration problem is to close off the southern border. Tight as a drum. Then we can start talking about what else to do with those that decide to stay here. It really is foolish to even bother talking about anything until that happens first.

What do you think of the path to citizenship? Me, I am not inherently against it, but this new plan is NOT the way to go.

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