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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

CATO VIew of Amnesty Bill

Note Before reading or viewing the video: Can we trust the Government to do what is identified by the CATO video? In RESPONSE, I ask, "Where is the Fence" on the entire border that the previously promised?
CATO: Opponents of increased immigration say the main bill being debated in Congress is nothing more than "amnesty," a free pass for unauthorized workers.

The real implications of the bill are far more complex.

An immigrant in this country illegally can qualify for "registered provisional immigrant status" - a work permit - if he ...

was in the country prior to 2012,
pays any and all outstanding tax bills,
goes through national security and background checks,
AND pays a thousand dollar fine and a 500 dollar fee.

Only then will he get a work permit -- which is valid for six years. But if an immigrant wants to continue working in the United States after that ... he'll have to apply for a new permit and ...

Pay another 500 dollar fee,
Prove that he's been employed during the entire 6 year period at no...

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