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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Get your Representatives to Commit #NoS744Conference

If you tell a lie long enough . . .
by Kenneth Wallis, Little Rock Immigration Examiner: S744 is a path to legal status bill filled with empty promises of security, pork type waivers to bribe officials, and more power to the faceless bureaucrats that have failed to stop illegal immigration. The United States Senate passed yet another attempt to replace informed citizens with 3rd world voters. Despite the outcry from citizens, the failure of previous amnesties, and the corruption of the Federal Government, S744 passed the United States Senate. If any immigration bill is passed out of the House, it will give the corrupt bureaucracy of Washington DC the chance to conference the House bill with S744. Contact members of congress and get them to promise that they will not pass ANY immigration bill of any kind, especially in the United States House Judiciary Committee. Here’s an example of you need your Representative to say.

I will not introduce or vote for any immigration bill in the United States House that can be conferenced with S744, the immigration “reform” bill that was voted on in the Senate. I will fight against every attempt to pass a bill that can be conferenced with S744. I do not believe the lies that illegal aliens are doing the jobs Americans won’t do; an immigration bill is the only way to save the Republican Party (if your representative is a Republican), that illegal immigrants are the backbone of the United States Economy, or that we can’t force illegal aliens to leave by self deportation. I know that passing a path to legal status is worse than “doing nothing” and that self deportation laws should be passed instead.

I’m glad that former Republican Governor Huckabee has come out against S744. I had to fight Huckabee’s in-state tuition for illegal aliens bill in Arkansas and feared that the promises in S744 would fool him as has so many other Republicans.

Here’s video from the Huckabee Show Website.

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