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Friday, August 09, 2013

Whites Don't Belong In America Says Latino KKK Brown Berets At Arizona Law Protest

by ALIPAC: The Brown Berets, aka the Latino version of the KKK, you see in this video will be on every street corner in America if Congress passes 'immigration reform' amnesty for illegal aliens.

This video was captured at a protest in support of Arizona and Arizona's illegal immigration crackdown law SB 1070 a few years back! It was deleted by a Hacktivist working with someone inside Google in January of 2012. This was filmed outside an Angel's game in Anaheim, CA. . . .

If all of America could see videos like this, perhaps the apathy would end?

Many illegal alien invasion supporters claim that Reconquista, the desire of Mexicans in the United States to reclaim an area they call Aztlan for Mexico or 'indigenous peoples' is a myth. This video shows clearly that there are Mexican separatists in America that are being strengthened by illegal immigration and unlawful open borders!

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