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Monday, September 16, 2013

Family of Murdered 93-Year-Old Woman Blames Illegal Immigration - 100% Preventable

Leah Uko for FoxNews Channel 42 in Omaha, NE reported: Members of the community rallied in front of the Douglas County Courthouse Friday to demand government officials start enforcing immigration laws. They blamed illegal immigration for why a 93-year-old woman was raped and beaten inside her home.

Police said Louise Sollowin was asleep in her bedroom when 19-year-old Sergio Martinez-Perez attacked and raped her. She died from injuries.

Perez was in the country illegally and worked for an Omaha roofing company.

Politicians, community members and Sollowin's family blamed government and companies that hire illegal immigrants for why Sollowin was killed. They believed if Perez were not let into the country, Sollowin would still be alive. . . . The Hartznells said they were most upset with lawmakers.

"Our anger isn't necessarily that he's an illegal, our anger is that this was completely and totally preventable. It should have never happened."

Perez was charged with first-degree murder. [Full Story]

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