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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A Dose of Reality Turns DREAMs into Nightmares

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: While various states fight it out as liberals introduce state versions of the Dream Act, "The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors," or DREAM, Act was introduced on March 26, 2009, as S. 729 by Senators Durbin (D-IL.) and Lugar (R-IN) and as H.R. 1751 by Rep. Berman (D-CA). In Arkansas, people rallied against SB799, in-state tuition for illegal aliens and the bill was significantly defeated in Senate committee and then through a maneuver the vote was expunged. However, this week with the clocking running out on a vote in the Arkansas Senate, the bill was pulled by the author and placed before the Interim Committee on Education for further study. It may well be back in the next Arkansas legislative session. It is important to focus on the new Dream Act proposal in Congress which would grant amnesty to illegals up to age 35. Please read the following review by Roy Beck of an comprehensive study by Rosemary Jenks and her staff on the proposed federal legislation.
by Roy Beck, NumbersUSA: Read "A Dose of Reality Turns DREAMs into Nightmares*" by Rosemary Jenks. It will make your blood boil. Every supporter (and even many opponents) of the DREAM Act will say that it is about unfortunate illegal-alien kids caught in a dilemma because their parents broke the law. In fact, kids are a minor part of this bill. Rosemary and her Hill Team have analyzed every line of the DREAM Act, and she tells you how:
  • The DREAM Act offers immediate provisional amnesty to virtually every illegal alien up to the age of 35.

  • All a person has to do is file an application that CLAIMS to meet the criteria. That gives the illegal aliens an immediate provisional amnesty.

  • Although the feds may eventually require some papers to back up the CLAIMS, you can be sure that the fraudulent document industry is already preparing the counterfeit plates to turn out these false documents at a good profit (they have done so for every other amnesty).

  • The likelihood of any illegal alien losing the amnesty because of fraud is unlikely because DREAM is written so that nobody can lose the amnesty unless the feds do the expensive investigation to PROVE that the illegal alien isn't qualified.

  • Rosemary also shows that the DREAM Act opens the way for a pathway to citizenship for most of the illegal aliens who are OVER the age of 35 if they are related to illegal aliens under 35. Unless an amnesty eliminates Chain Migration categories, it will always open the way for millions upon millions more relatives, including those who are illegally already in this country.

  • If you encounter Members of Congress who argue for amnesty "for the kids," tell them to write a bill that narrowly does that -- not support a bill that offers the chance of citizenship to MILLIONS of illegal aliens. Tell them that a bill that was serious about helping illegal-alien kids would:
  • include mandatory workplace E-Verify for every employer to ensure there was no jobs magnet for millions of people who otherwise would be enticed by the amnesty to become illegal aliens;

  • include an elimination of chain migration categories so the criminal parents who put the kids into this predicament can't get citizenship, and so this moderate-sized amnesty for the kids doesn't end up bringing giant numbers of relatives to compete with unemployed Americans;

  • include requirements that applicants PROVE they meet narrowly drawn criteria.

  • The DREAM Act does none of those. If you call a congressional office or talk directly to a Senator (even one of our allies), there is a good chance that they won't know what Rosemary told you in those bullet points above.It is up to all of you to be an army of truth to get the word out because the open-borders people have spent millions of dollars to market the lie.
    *A Dose of Reality Turns DREAMs into Nightmares is a line-by-line analysis of the DREAM Act (as introduced in the U.S. Senate) reveals no end to the nightmares. (1) The amnesty applies to illegal-alien "kids" up to age 35; (2) aliens merely need to make a "claim" that they are qualified for the amnesty -- they don't have to provide any proof that the claims are true; (3) but the feds have to perform costly, time-consuming investigations to prove the claims are false in order to deny an amnesty to anybody; (4) the parents who broke the law to bring these "kids" here can get U.S. citizenship; (5) DREAM would remove the federal ban on in-state tuition for future illegal aliens.

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