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Saturday, May 09, 2009

May 1 Amnesty March Chicago 2009

Freedom Folks: Our video news report of today’s May Day March in Chicago. The turnout was only about 1,500…a fraction of the organizer’s estimate of 15,000. As usual, we were accosted by smug lefties who have to resort to name-calling with no facts, logic, or knowledge of history on which to rely.

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Anonymous Robb said...

How very hateful these leaches are with bleeding hearts.

I kept waiting for the guy to attack the camera like a mad dog does to a dog catcher. Steady camera work. Good job!

Btw, I'll be linking back to you guys. Keep up the great work!

5/18/09, 9:49 AM  
Blogger Don said...

I always want to ask people like that, "Can people be opposed to your political views, without being Nazis or racists?" They have to answer no which is totally illogical and therefore opens up so many fascinating follow up questions.

Would they be opposed to massive illegal migration of Europeans, Scandinavians or Germans?

Is Mexico's closed southern boarder and the closed borders of nations around the world also Nazi and racist?

Is it impossible for a regular decent person who is not a Nazi and not a racist, to want immigration laws enforced?

What about borders between two countries of the same race?

Are only borders between nations of different races racist? Wouldn't determination of whether a border is racist based on the race of who's on the other side be racist by definition?

If stereotyping is wrong, why are they doing it?

I don't think they've really thought their positions through. Which can be shortened to: they don't really think. Just another group driven by their emotions and desires rather then logic and reason.

6/9/09, 11:19 AM  

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