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Friday, September 25, 2009

Illegal immigration and terrorism

by Kenneth Wallis: Before you read this story, remember that this guy could have already accessed welfare, healthcare, many colleges, and other taxpayer funded benefits.

From the Dallas Morning News, an illegal alien from Jordan was arrested in Italy, Texas for plotting to bomb a skyscraper after coming to the U.S. specifically to commit jihad. I’m sure the State Department and DHS will be all over the consular officials and immigration enforcement lapses that led to his entrance into the country and ability to work and blend in a la the 9/11 Visa Express beneficiaries!

When someone says that we need to legalize millions of illegals, you can tell them that the immigration system is unable to screen out terrorist. You can mention the bureaucracy in the legal immigration system, or you talk about the Fort Dix 6 (3 of whom were legalized), or you can talk about this story:

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