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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Durban Seeks to Help Illegals Get Unemployment Payments

by Roy Beck, Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA: Sen. Durbin (D-IL) last night and today is once again using his leadership position to make false claims about E-Verify's reliability and to project the absolutely foolish notion that unemployment and immigration have no relationship. But while he laments the 125,000 who have recently lost their unemployment benefits (I do, too), he ignores the fact that HIS immigration policies now in place have given out 125,000 brand new work permits to foreign workers during the last month.

Sadly, Sen. Durbin is Exhibit A of the intellectual hypocrisy that is pervasive in Congress. He gives speeches as a champion of unemployed Americans while his actions throw ever more Americans out of work. Such is the ability for self-deception in Congress that I wonder if Sen. Durbin and his foreign-labor-importing buddies have the slightest consciousness of their counterproductivity.

SITUATION ON THE HILL TODAY The Senate is trying to extend unemployment benefits for a lot of our poor fellow Americans who lost their jobs long ago and who are reaching the limits of benefits. But before voting to extend, some of our friends in the Senate want to make sure that none of these scarce benefits goes to illegal foreign workers. Sen. Durbin considers that concern to be absolutely outrageous. (Read more about the proposed amendment.)

TWO KEY REASONS TO VERIFY UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS As you know, we are trying to insert verification into every part of federal benefits and the labor market to squeeze the incentives out of being an illegal alien in this country.
Here are two specific reasons for verifying that no illegal alien gets unemployment benefits:
  • Federal funds for unemployment benefits are scarce. Any part of them that goes to illegal aliens likely will mean less money for American workers over time.
  • More importantly, the payment of unemployment to illegal aliens encourages them to stay in the United States and compete with unemployed Americans every time a new job opens up. The last thing jobless Americans need is for the feds to pay more illegal aliens to compete with them for jobs.
SOMETHING FAMILIAR ABOUT THE 125,000 FIGURE Last week, Sen. Durbin expressed his abiding compassion for Americans losing their jobs and disgust at some Republicans for insisting on immigration enforcement:
The Democrats have asked the Republicans to move to this item of business and to pass the extension of unemployment insurance benefits to the hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work. They have refused time and time again. They have had a long series of reasons, none of them valid from my point of view. Many of them think they want to argue a lot of other issues. They want to argue the issue of immigration. They want to argue issues totally unrelated to unemployment. They don't seem to understand there are real people out there calling my office every day--and most Senators--explaining they are out of work and desperate. -- Sen. Durbin
Our members have been calling Sen. Durbin for a year, desperately asking him to protect American workers from immigrant-labor competition. In nearly every instance, he has refused -- and even given support for "comprehensive immigration reform" which is about greatly INCREASING foreign labor.

According to Sen. Durbin last week, immigration is an issue totally unrelated to unemployment." Here is what Sen. Durbin said last night on the Senate floor:
Mr. President, it has been 18 days since the Senate Democrats tried to pass a strong unemployment insurance extension only to see the bill blocked by the other side of the aisle. Since that time, over 125,000 Americans trying to find work have lost their unemployment benefits; 125,000 families across America now have the hardest possible question to answer: How are we going to keep food on the table? How are we going to keep a roof over the heads of myself and my family? -- Sen. Durbin
Interesting, that figure 125,000.

Over the last month (based on the most recent government-released averages), the feds gave out another 125,000 first-time permanent and temporary work permits to working-age foreigners! Can you believe it?

We have pushed Congress and the President for a year to stop issuing more work permits to foreign workers while unemployment is so high. Sen. Durbin is among the dozen Members of Congress most responsible for seeing to it that ANOTHER 125,000 Americans each month are kept out of a job because of his insistence on providing cheap labor to unscrupulous employers.

Sen. Durbin now would rather spend more money on unemployment payments to 125,000 workers than to give them a chance at a job by stopping the issuance of 125,000 new work permits. Don't get me wrong. I don't want to stand in the way of an extension of benefits to severely pressed unemployed Americans. But I would much rather that they could get a job and recover the dignity of being a productive and self-supporting member of society.

Call your own two Senators at 202-224-3121 and ask them to make sure that the unemployment benefit extension includes provisions to keep the money out of the hands of illegal aliens. And while you are at it, ask them to SUSPEND IMMIGRATION at least until unemployment gets down below 6% again.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Today's Headlines on Illegal Aliens & Immigration

Homeland Security Department Gags Local Law Enforcement to Protect 'Privacy' of Illegal Aliens ( – The Department of Homeland Security is gagging local law enforcement agencies around the country to protect the privacy of illegal aliens. Kelly Nantel, press secretary for ICE, told that although illegal aliens are not protected under federal privacy law, it is the policy of the Department of Homeland Security to extend privacy protections to individuals who are in the country illegally.

Republicans Say Obama Administration Is Limiting Arrests of Illegal Aliens ( – Fifty-four members of Congress, mostly Republicans, have signed a letter to President Barack Obama praising the 287(g) program that allows trained state and local law enforcement officers to enforce federal immigration law. The Oct. 26 letter comes shortly after the Obama administration imposed new limits on state and local law enforcers, preventing them from arresting many of the illegal immigrants with whom they come into contact.

New Study Reveals Connection Between Enforcing Immigration Laws and National Security ( A new study by the conservative think tank Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals the connection between enforcing immigration laws and national security -- sometimes in chilling detail. The report says state and local law enforcement agencies "are making a significant contribution to public safety and homeland security, not just in their jurisdictions, but for us all."

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shot Fired Into Home of Lou Dobbs of CNN!

ALIPAC Video Channel: Pro Illegal alien Amnesty supporting groups have been spreading lies about Lou Dobbs of CNN, trying to get him fired to censor his free speech, and foment hatred towards him because he stands against illegal immigration and Amnesty. Now, those lies and hatred have manifested in gunfire into the home of Lou Dobbs near his Hispanic wife!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti Defamation League, the National Council of La Raza, Media Matters, and Geraldo Rivera of Fox News are using false information to foment hatred towards Lou Dobbs or any American that speaks out against Amnesty or illegal immigration.

They could not get CNN to fire Lou Dobbs so now their buddies in the drug and illegal alien importing gangs are likely stepping up.Lou Dobbs is an American hero who is speaking out as best he can on behalf of all Americans that oppose illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.

We as a nation need to unify and rebuke the radical groups and activists that have put Lou Dobbs and his Hispanic wife's lives in danger by spreading lies and hate against an honest man that cares deeply about his nation.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Rasmussen Poll Shows Strong Support for Immigration Enforcement

NumbersUSA: A new survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports reveals that 56% of Americans say that federal immigration policies encourage illegal immigration, and 64% believe that local law enforcement should conduct raids in places where illegal aliens gather to find work. Only 19% opposed the raids compared to 24% who opposed such raids back in April.

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The survey comes two months after the Department of Homeland Security announced that they were restructuring the 287(g) program. The 287(g) program is a partnership between the federal government and local law enforcement officials, and under the former administration, allowed local police to enforce immigration laws in the streets. But the program received criticism from civil rights groups, especially in Maricopa County, Arizona, where opponents felt that the sheriff's office was violating civil rights.

Forty-six percent of the poll's respondents believe that the federal government should not prevent local law enforcement from checking an individual's immigration status even if they have committed no other crime. Thirty-three percent believe the federal government should prevent police officers from checking immigration status, because civil rights concerns may come into play, and 21% weren't sure.

Americans strongly support enforcement action against employers who hire illegal aliens. Seventy-one percent believe that when local law enforcement conduct raids, the people who hire should also be arrested. Only 15% say no. This is inconsistent with the Obama Administration's policy of only focusing on employers rather than the workers. For more information, see the questions and responses from the actual poll.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Washington strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff

We noticed a segment on Fox News this morning and googled "sheriff jo arpaio told to back off." Not surprisingly, the MSM seems to have failed to cover this story. But our friends across the pond picked it up in an October 9 article on
by Daniel Nasaw: A controversial Arizona sheriff known for taking a hard line against illegal immigrants has been stripped of some of his powers in what he described as a political move by the Obama administration.
Joe Arpaio, a gruff lawman who styles himself as America's toughest sheriff, has won acclaim from US anti-immigrant forces for his relentless pursuit of mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants in Maricopa county, Arizona, a fast-growing county of 4 million people that is home to Phoenix, the nation's fifth largest city.
Arpaio's aggressive tactics include the jailing of illegal immigrants in tent cities surrounded by barbed wire in the middle of Arizona's searingly hot summers, the reduction of meal costs to 20 cents per day, the use of pink jail clothing for men, and chain gangs for women inmates.
Arpaio also came in for criticism when he appeared on the Fox reality show Smile: You're Under Arrest.
Under a two-year-old agreement with the federal department of homeland security, Arpaio and his deputies had been authorised to enforce federal immigration law by arresting suspected illegal immigrants in the field and by checking the immigration status of people arrested on other offences. The department of homeland security includes the US immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) agency.
But after drawing thousands of complaints and a civil rights investigation from the justice department, Arpaio was this week stripped of his federal authority to make immigration arrests. County attorney Andrew Thomas, one of Arpaio's supporters, condemned the "setback in the fight against illegal immigration".
For his part Arpaio has promised to continue chasing illegal immigrants using state laws. In an angry press conference, he called US homeland security officials "liars" and said he would personally drive those caught on the streets to the border if federal officers refused to take arrested illegal immigrants into custody. "I'll take a little trip to the border and turn them over to the border," he said.
Arpaio's critics decried his continued plans to arrest illegal immigrants and said the Obama administration should sever all ties with him.
The now-rescinded authority to conduct field sweeps of illegal immigrants yielded only about 300 out of the roughly 33,000 total arrests of illegal immigrants since 2007, the Obama administration has done little to curtail Arpaio, said Frank Sharry, executive director of immigration reform advocacy group America's Voice.
"He's going to go down in history as a man who terrorised the Latino community for the sake of his own visibility and political popularity," Sharry said. "The fact that the Obama administration would lend any of its legitimacy to any of his activities is surprising and disappointing."
Arpaio was first elected sheriff in 1993.
"The department of homeland security is making a historic mistake if it continues its relationship with Sheriff Joe Arpaio," said Paco Fabian, spokesman for immigration reform advocacy group America's Voice. "The federal government is lending its full force and legitimacy to a rogue cop certain to go down in history as a serial violator of civil rights and an enemy of the Latino community."
An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants live in the US. The federal government is virtually paralysed over how to react, with conservatives like Arpaio calling for the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants and increased border enforcement. Obama, many Democrats and some Republicans call for a system that will allow most to gain legal status after paying a fine and learning English, but reform efforts in 2006 and 2007 withered under sustained rightwing opposition.
More than 60 law enforcement agencies across the country have signed onto the same programme under which local officers are effectively deputised to enforce immigration law. But critics of the programme say it wastes police resources needed to fight street crime, promotes racial profiling of Hispanics, targets peaceful workers, breaks up families and breeds distrust of police among immigrants, who become afraid to report crime for fear they will be asked for immigration papers.
• This article was amended on 19 October 2009. The original headline read: White House strips immigration policing powers from Arizona sheriff.
In his interview on Fox, Arpaio said he wasn't backing down and the Federal government couldn't stop him from enforcing the Arizona laws he was elected to uphold.
Update - another source article: Sheriff Arpaio's Office Is Only Law Enforcement Agency in U.S. Denied Authority to Enforce Immigration Laws, Says DHS

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Houston Police Dept will not screen for immigration

The Houston Police Department will not participate in a controversial immigration screening program, federal officials said on Friday, ending a months-long saga over the city's plans.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had designated this week as the national deadline for agencies to sign recently revamped agreements in order to participate in the federal government's 287(g) program, which deputizes local law enforcement to act as immigration agents.
October 16, 2009 - Susan Carroll, Houston Chronicle: On Friday, ICE officials released a list of the 55 agencies that had signed formal agreements with ICE. A dozen agencies, including the Harris County Sheriff's Office, had reached agreements with ICE, but still were awaiting approval from their governing bodies to sign off on the partnerships.

HPD was on a short list of a half-dozen agencies that either withdrew from negotiations or did not re-sign agreements with ICE, according to ICE officials. Carl Rusnok, an ICE spokesman, said on Friday that HPD had voluntarily withdrawn from 287(g), “as the program did not correlate with their specific law enforcement needs.”

Frank Michel, spokesman for Mayor Bill White, said he was unaware that ICE's announcement was coming Friday. He said the city had not officially “withdrawn” from negotiations and never heard back from ICE on the city's proposed changes to the standard agreement. But the mayor has distanced himself publicly from 287(g) recently, saying negotiations with ICE had stalled and the program was not tailored to suit Houston's needs.

This spring, after a Houston police officer was critically injured in a shooting by an illegal immigrant, White formally requested that Homeland Security officials expedite his request that the city participate in 287(g).

ICE announced in July that HPD was accepted to the program. But the city and ICE became deadlocked over a range of issues related to the program, from how it should be administered to which agency should shoulder the costs. Houston had wanted only serious criminals targeted, city officials said.

White, who is running for the U.S. Senate, earlier this month said ICE officials were “bureaucratic” in the negotiations, and appeared to be shying away from the program. White said he would prefer the city participate in another ICE program, called Secure Communities, which gives local law enforcement access to a massive immigration database to check suspects' immigration history. Michel said Friday the city was still interested in the Secure Communities program.

ICE's announcement met with a mixed local reaction. “I'm severely disappointed,” said Curtis Collier, the head of the Spring-based organization U.S. Border Watch. “The city was never really enthused about participating anyway.”

Cesar Espinosa, a Houston immigrant advocate who has organized protests against the program, said the announcement Friday “shows the fruit of the labor we've been doing for the past year or so, in terms of getting HPD not to sign onto 287(g).” “To us, it's only a confirmation of the fact that HPD and Mayor White have retracted their willingness to participate in the flawed 287(g) program,” Espinosa said.

But he said he was concerned that the Harris County Sheriff's Office is still on the list of agencies working toward formal approval, saying “we're mindful that the struggle at the county level is still very much alive.”

The Sheriff's Office has participated in 287(g) since August and has eight deputies who assist ICE in the jails. It also was the first law enforcement agency in the country to sign on for the Secure Communities program last October. The county's continued participation in 287(g) requires approval of the Harris County Commissioner's Court. The Sheriff's Office is planning to submit its agreement with ICE at the commissioners' meeting on Oct. 27, a sheriff's spokesman said.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

DHS Reshapes Its Immigration Enforcement Program

ALIPAC: Department of Homeland SecurityA controversial federal program that deputizes state and local law enforcement agents to catch illegal immigrants is expanding under the Obama administration, despite changes announced this summer intended to curb alleged racial profiling and other police abuses.

The Department of Homeland Security is expected to report Friday morning that a small number of the 66 participating agencies have dropped out because of the new federal requirements, officials said. And those losses are offset by applications from 13 additional police and sheriff's departments, a federal official said, speaking on condition of anonymity before the formal announcement.

October 16, 2009 - Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post: In the Washington area, sheriff's offices in Frederick, Loudoun and Prince William counties intend to continue to participate, according to local officials.

Nationwide, the program identified about 60,000 illegal immigrants for deportation over the past year, the highest number since the program was expanded nationwide in 2006. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in July said agencies that receive federal grants and training under the program would have 90 days to agree to new terms aimed at ending controversial police practices identified by congressional auditors and civil rights groups. Critics cited cases in which police conducted roadside stops and neighborhood sweeps aimed at Latinos and other ethnic groups, often arresting minorities for traffic and other minor offenses in pursuit of illegal immigrants.

Changed Focus Instead of scaling back the program, as its critics wanted, DHS has reshaped it. The agency has reined in local police units that target illegal immigrants at large, directing the units instead to focus on those who commit major drug offenses or violent crimes, especially those already incarcerated. Most prominently, the agency cut back authority it had given to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, according to Arpaio. His operations in the Phoenix metropolitan area had led to charges of racial profiling and three federal investigations.

Although those and similar tactics had drawn the most controversy, they accounted for a small fraction of the 135,389 illegal immigrants caught under the program, according to new federal data obtained by The Washington Post. The vast majority -- 94 percent -- were found by checks at local and state jails. DHS is moving to expand jail checks, adding such agreements with eight new agencies, a federal official said.

"We've refocused the program on identifying and removing serious criminal offenders, whether in jail or on the street," said a U.S. official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because final decisions had not been made. The official said the new rules show that the Obama administration is intent on enforcing immigration laws against dangerous illegal immigrants and upholding civil rights.

DHS has determined that in Maricopa County, for example, the program to identify illegal immigrants already in jail -- accounting for nearly 90 percent of the county's total arrests under the program -- may continue, the sheriff said. But the agency found that the county's task force aimed at finding illegal immigrants in the community was not being operated "in a manner consistent with our law enforcement policies," the U.S. official said.

ICE spokeswoman Kelly Nantel declined to comment on the status of any participating agency.

Critics on Both Sides Jessica Vaughan, an analyst with the Center for Immigration Statistics, which seeks greater immigration restrictions, said the administration needs local agencies to be satisfied with the new federal rules to maintain its credibility over immigration enforcement. Nevertheless, the changes did not please the most vocal critics on either side.

Supporters of tougher enforcement have championed Arpaio. "This unbelievable move by the Obama administration represents a politicized attempt to hinder one of our most effective illegal immigration enforcement mechanisms," Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) and Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement.

Arpaio, whose, 4,000-employee department has caught more illegal immigrants under the program than any other agency -- more than 20 percent of the nationwide total -- vowed to defy the new U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement rules and continue arrests in the community. He said deputies will conduct another "crime suppression" raid Friday and turn over illegal immigrants found violating traffic laws or other civil offenses to federal authorities. If ICE refuses to take them, Arpaio said, he will take them to the next closest federal agency, probably the U.S. Border Patrol at the Mexican border.

"I can't understand why they are bullying this law enforcement agency for political reasons when we've been so successful," Arpaio said in an interview. "We're going to go out again [Friday] -- the same way we've been doing it."

A coalition of more than 500 local and national civil liberties and immigrant groups have opposed the federal program, saying it hampers public safety by intimidating immigrant communities from reporting crimes to the police and diverting police from investigating more serious crimes.

Reps. Nydia Velazquez (D-N.Y.) and Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) wrote President Obama last month on behalf of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, calling on the White House to terminate the program.

Omar C. Jadwat, staff attorney with the ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project, cited a report last month by the University of California at Berkeley School of Law as evidence that the administration's shift to jail checks would encourage some local police to arrest and book more minorities so their immigration status could be determined once they were behind bars. That study found that police in Irving, Tex., working with a separate ICE program, increased arrests of Hispanics for minor offenses by nearly 150 percent between April and September 2007.

"Focusing on jail programs as opposed to these [investigative] task force programs doesn't eliminate the serious problems we've seen with profiling," Jadwat said.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Democrat puts down his marker for amnesty

ALIPAC: Immigration Rally With a throng of Latinos chanting ‘Yes we can’ in English and Spanish in the shadow of the Capitol, Rep. Luis Gutierrez laid down his marker for a comprehensive immigration reform bill he’s expected to introduce before year’s end.

Gutierrez, D-Ill., is the biggest champion in the House for a broad-based bill that includes legalizing the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants now living in the United States. He capped off a string of speakers organized by Reform Immigration FOR America, a group created to try and get a measure passed during this Congress after the failures in 2006 and 2007.

October 13, 2009 - Dena Bunis, Orange County Register Communications: Immigration Rally“Justice for immigrants is today’s civil rights struggle,” said Gutierrez, who made it clear to the cheering crowd that they have their work cut out for them. “We have a Congress to persuade. We have a president to convince. We have justice to deliver.”

Gutierrez outlined what his bill will contain:
* A path to legalization for illegal immigrants who pay taxes, learn English, pass background checks.
* A commission to decide appropriate levels of future workers wanting to come to the U.S. This would be instead of a new temporary worker program.
* A “21st century enforcement strategies” at the border, that presumably doesn’t include the border fence that Republicans have insisted upon.
* Interior enforcement that doesn’t include workplace raids.
* A worker verification system with error proof database.
* A system based on family reunification
* Ag Jobs, giving agricultural workers a path to legalization.
* The DREAM Act, which would allow young people who crew up in the U.S. to be able to work and go to college legally.

Immigration reform is something President Barack Obama promised he would do early in his presidency. But the difficulty that he’s having getting health reform passed will likely make that effort even more difficult.

Immigrant advocates were furious when the White House made it clear they were “throwing illegal immigrants over the side,” in the words of one administration aide. What the aide was referring to was the fact that the Senate Finance Committee bill, which passed out of committee today, would not only bar illegal immigrants from getting health care subsidies, but wouldn’t let them buy a policy from the new insurance exchange the bill would create.

Obama has continued to say he is for immigration reform but that it will have to wait until next year.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Horror Movie Monsters and Bad Ideas in Washington Rarely Die

Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families: Like monsters from bad horror movies, bad ideas in Washington rarely die. They come back to life again and again. As soon as Democrats in Congress clear the decks of health care reform and the cap and trade energy tax, the next item on the agenda is likely to be immigration reform in the form of a massive amnesty. Yes, it’s back!

Everyone understands that our immigration system is a mess thanks to failed liberal policies. Everyone understands that one of the worst ideas is amnesty. Everyone except Washington, that is.

A recent Rasmussen poll found that 56% of voters believe that the policies of the federal government encourage illegal immigration, and 74% don’t think the government is doing enough to secure our borders. Anticipating another battle over immigration reform, pollster John Zogby surveyed more than 1,000 people in Mexico to get their opinions on U.S. immigration policy.

Among the results, Zogby found that 56% of Mexicans thought that giving legal status to illegal immigrants in the U.S. would make it more likely that people they know would go to the United States illegally. In other words, an amnesty policy would encourage more illegal immigration. Another amnesty would simply continue the vicious cycle. As the Rasmussen poll indicates, you get it. As the Zogby poll indicates, Mexicans get it too.

Now, I want to be clear about this next point, because I think it speaks directly to the frustration that so many Americans have with our immigration system. We are welcoming people. The overwhelming majority of Americans would welcome anyone who comes here wanting to be an American, willing to work hard, obey our laws and contribute to this country.

But, according to the Zogby poll, “An overwhelming majority (69%) thought that the primary loyalty of Mexican-Americans (Mexico - and U.S.- born) should be to Mexico. Just 20% said it should be to the United States. The rest were unsure.”

In other words, the poll suggests that an overwhelming majority of Mexicans believe that Mexicans who do come here should retain an allegiance to the nation they fled, rather than to the nation they chose to come to in the hope of finding a better life. Many are not coming here to be Americans. Their first act upon entering the country is to break the law by coming in illegally, and they are here asking “not what they can do for America, but what America can do for them.” How can anyone call amnesty “reform”? Democrats do.
Source: ARRA News Service

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Napolitano: Don't jail illegals, let's "house" them

All over the net today are articles about Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano referring to illegal aliens as "newly arrived asylum seekers." As disturbing as this is, it's right in line with everything the Obama administration has done to this point. From referring to the War on Terror as an "Overseas Contingency Operation" and the renaming of a government health insurance option as a "cooperative", the administration has consistently manipulated the English language to achieve the President's goals when the American people disagree with him.

But perhaps even more disturbing than re-labeling those who break our laws to enter the country illegally with this benign moniker is the main point of the Reuters article that quoted Napolitano's new tag for those soon-to-be-formerly known as illegal aliens.

The Secretary was announcing a new plan to "house" illegal aliens instead of imprisoning them! "House" them!

From the article:

"This is a system that encompasses many different types of detainees, not all of whom need to be held in prison-like circumstances," Napolitano told a conference call.

Referring to noncriminals such as newly arrived asylum seekers, Napolitano said, "We will begin efforts to house these populations near immigration service providers and pursue different options like converted hotels or residential facilities for their detention."

Now won't that be nice! (And it will do so much to discourage the illegal entry into our country! NOT)

Just think, the poor from other countries will be able to abandon their shacks, huts, and hovels in their native lands, sneak across our borders, get themselves caught, and then enjoy the comforts of an American motel room, or perhaps a nice little 3-bedroom home. When word of this reaches the deserts, jungles, cities, and wilds of third world nations across the globe, illegal immigration into this country will explode!

And who will foot the bill for the spiffy quarters of all these "newly arrived asylum seekers"? The same people called on to fund every other Obama policy...the American taxpayer!

As if that's not bad enough, let's look at some possible motivations for this imbecilic move on the part of our Nobel laureate President.

  • The One who considers government spending the cure for all our economic ills may see this as a means to end the housing crisis. The increased demand for residential space will certainly drive prices up.

    But of course the President won't consider (or won't inform the public of) the tax increases necessary to pay for the program.

  • The Chosen One may also see an opportunity to grow his party's base using this devious tactic. Especially with the easing of identification requirements for voter registration of late, we could see illegals registering to vote in record numbers. And of course they'll be so grateful to the party of Obama-Napolitano, there's little doubt where their political allegiance will lie.

  • And our Dear Leader could also see an opportunity to tip the scales in conservative-leaning regions by concentrating large numbers of "newly arrived asylum seekers" in those areas. The opportunity to strengthen the Democrats' grip on what have been toss-up Congressional districts might be enough motivation to insert "illegal aliens" into the heart of American residential communities.

Nothing this President does surprises me anymore, but this is extremely troublesome. If you enter this country illegally, you've broken a law. That should not warrant free housing at the expense of the American taxpayer unless that housing is a jail!

This new policy will encourage illegal immigration instead of discourage it and those of us who pay taxes will be forced to pay even more!

Call, write, and email your congressmen and senators today and tell them to put a stop to this insanity!

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Evangelical Leaders Endorsed Mass Amnesty

Roy BeckRoy Beck, NumbersUSA: Leaders of most of the nation's evangelical Christians made a shocking endorsement of illegal-alien amnesty today in Senate testimony. Their spokesman -- the head of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) -- said high immigration is increasing membership in evangelical churches and is good for the economy. Polls have shown that evangelical Christians in the pews are the MOST likely to OPPOSE amnesty. If you are one of them, you may want to contact your church leaders immediately. The NAE phone number is: 202-789-1011 --- Fax number is 202-842-0392. The NAE email address is: and
Please be respectful and thoughtful in your comments to the NAE. I would suggest that only evangelical Christians make the contacts.

Rev. Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, was invited by Sen. Schumer (D-N.Y.) to testify in favor of the Senate immigration chairman's push to create amnesty legislation this fall.

Sen. Schumer asked Rev. Anderson if many of his colleagues agree with his support for legalizing 12-20 million illegal aliens and increasing the legal immigration far higher than the 1 million a year current level (the two key components of "comprehensive immigration reform").

Rev. Anderson answered that there was no dissent in adopting the pro-amnesty resolution on the 75-member NAE board of directors. ZERO dissent!


Rev. Anderson described the NAE as:
. . . a network of 40 denominations comprising more than 45,000 local churches located in every congressional district and every state. The NAE membership also includes evangelical universities, seminaries, ministries, local congregations, and individuals.

Here is the list of the denominational members:

Notable among the members are:
If you have a connection with any of these denominations, you may want to contact them and ask if they really want to side with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Council of La Raza in flooding the country with millions more legal foreign workers while 15 million Americans are looking for a job but can't find one.

There is a good chance that even the leaders in your national church agencies are not really aware that their representative voted for a massive amnesty and increase in foreign worker importation. Rev. Anderson is Senior Pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minn. It describes itself as non-denominational with some Baptist connections.


I would note that NumbersUSA and others have made requests to NAE for several years to present our moral arguments for less overall immigration to protect the stewardship of the nation's natural resources and to protect the nation's most vulnerable citizens. The NAE has resolutely refused to hear any voice but pro-amnesty voices, as far as we have been able to tell.

When you read Rev. Anderson's prepared testimony, you find much that is thoughtful, including:
Evangelicals do not condone law breaking. . . . Evangelicals believe that government is a gift of God for the common good. Borders are necessary for public order. We support intelligent enforcement of our nation's immigration laws as long as the enforcement measures are consistent with respect for human dignity, family values and sanctity of human life. -- Evangelicals President

But then Rev. Anderson told Sen. Shumer that the Gospel requires that Christians be willing to forgive illegal aliens for breaking immigration laws which means that:
We believe that undocumented immigrants who have otherwise been law abiding members of our communities should be offered the opportunity to pay any taxes or penalties owed, and over time earn the right to become U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The process of redemption and restitution is core to Christian beliefs, as we were all once lost and redeemed through love of Jesus Christ. -- Evangelicals President
Furthermore, the 75 national evangelical leaders agreed that immigration laws that have allowed legal immigration to soar from a traditional average of 250,000 a year to more than 1,000,000 a year are too strict and must be changed to allow many more foreign workers to enter.


The staff at NumbersUSA are members of the Evangelical, Catholic, Jewish, Mainline Protestant, Liberal Protestant and no religious faith. We all believe in ethical systems that say it is wrong to run an immigration policy that hammers down the weakest, poorest and unemployed members of our society while making it impossible to achieve environmental sustainability. It grieves our hearts to see evangelical leaders join national Jewish, Catholic, mainline Protestant and liberal Protestant leaders who have already fully endorsed amnesty and massive increases in foreign workers and U.S. population growth.

We have no doubt that all these national religious leaders have failed in their duties of fact-gathering and thoughtful analysis. They bring discredit on their religious faiths from their sloppiness in truth seeking and their lack of intellectual integrity.

We call on all NumbersUSA members of faith to point us to leaders in their own religious traditions who are open to discussing the full ethical issues involved in immigration.

The NAE's call for forgiveness seems to ignore the Gospel context of "go and sin no more."

We do not call for a policy that locks up and throws away the key on foreign citizens who have broken our immigration laws. Most of us are willing to let most illegal aliens return to their home countries under no penalty whatsoever.

But the NAE has proclaimed that our forgiveness of illegal aliens should allow them to keep the very things they broke the law to steal: U.S. jobs and access to U.S. infrastructure.

How many billions of people in the world would like to line up for that kind of forgiveness?

We have plead with the NAE leaders (as we have with leaders of all other faith traditions) to talk to them about how mercy shown by governments can easily create injustice against a society's weakest members. In general the Judeo-Christian scriptures call on individuals to show mercy but governments to provide justice.

When the government shows mercy, it allows people to break the rules. But if breaking the rules harms law-abiding members of society, that mercy creates an injustice against them.

I am especially devastated by the national evangelical leaders' callous disregard for the U-6 unemployment rate of nearly 20% -- job-seekers (active and recently discouraged) who cannot find any job or who have been forced into involuntary part-time work.

It is incredible to read Rev. Anderson's testimony talking about the failure in having enough immigration visas to fill the needs of the U.S. business community!

I am embarrassed for him and his 74 colleagues. I am sure they do not mean such inhumane treatment of their fellow Americans. And I am sure they dug themselves into this shameful hole with the most well-intentioned of shovels.

I suggest that the readers of this blog consider forgiveness toward these religious leaders while thoughtfully guiding them to see all the shades and complexities of the immigration issue to which they weren't exposed by the NAE staff and the open-borders lobby which led them to this pro-amnesty position.

ROY BECK is Founder & CEO of NumbersUSA. He was honored with dozens of religion journalism awards during the 1980s for national and international reporting on the intersection of Protestant churches and social issues. He is an active member of a Mainline Protestant congregation and 20-year leader of youth mission teams providing better housing for poor Americans.


FROM: Allen0912 of Minnesota I am a pastor but we are not members of the (NAE) organization. . . . Please do not broad swipe all of us because there are many, many pastors out there that do not believe in amnesty for illegals.

FROM: Laurel6425 of Illinois Pastors are sometimes naive about the world. I think Jesus would have wanted illegals to stay in their home countries and fight for justice there instead of "stealing" jobs from other nations. Pastors never mention the "theft" of jobs, identities, tax money, or services from U.S. citizens either.

FROM: Kathleen8719 of North Carolina It is indeed shameful that these supposed 'religious leaders' are unwilling to even consider the enormous harm that has come to Americans as a result of illegal immigration. Essentially what they are saying is that they could care less, and that American citizens don't count. This means to me that their agenda is purely political and has little or nothing to do with true biblical teachings. Religion is again being hijacked for a political cause.

Where is the justice and compassion for the many millions of Americans who have had their identity stolen and their lives turned upside down? Apparently, these 'religious leaders' consider such crimes against real people irrelevant.

Where is the justice and compassion for the many millions of Americans, especially our young, our minorities, our poor, who cannot get jobs or have lost their jobs due to competition for low-skilled jobs by illegal aliens? They have families too. But to them, they are seemingly non-existent.

The testimony given in is this hearing was about advancing a political agenda. As a pastor's wife, I find it really sad that their lack of concern for Americans is so obvious.

FROM: Charles3857 of Alabama These religious groups or NAE do not speak for me. I believe in being compassionate to the 15 million American citizens and legal immigrants who are out of work. I believe we need to be compassionate to all people when applicable.

I do agree that these churches can hear the cash registers ringing, cha-ching $$ and cha-ching $$, at the thoughts of having all of these new illegal members with extra American dollars.

FROM: Alan8374 of Arizona Wow, I can only imagine the financial benefit they wish to maintain or gain, as being the motivational factor. Is the law of the land no longer to be obeyed and enforced, just to fill the donation baskets? Is this what Jesus would have really wanted?

I belong to a bible based church of more than 6 thousand in Arizona and this behavior is not accepted. We believe the law of the land must be obeyed and order must be kept, if we wish to continue providing the world with outstanding contributions generation after generation.

FROM: Grace0715 of Kansas I am appalled to see my church denomination on the above list! . . . Surely this action was taken in a hasty and not well-thought-out manner. Where was the input from members? I had never heard that our leaders were going to vote on this issue and then, even worse, side with Senator Schumer in advocating amnesty for the millions who are taking over our country illegally.

While Grace does mean undeserved love, it does not mean aiding and abetting lawlessness... It does not mean favoring someone who sneaks in and steals from your family (or country) over your own family. (John 10:1) This is foolishness.

It does not mean encouraging a person who is thieving to continue to disregard law and order. (Ephesians 4:28) It does not mean a sham apology is acceptable so law-breakers can soak law-abiding taxpayers' money against their will. It does not mean encouraging people of one country to forsake loyalty to their own country and demand services of another country.

The Apostle Paul wrote: “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? Certainly not!” (Romans 6:1-2) Grace does not mean we forget Law or overlook sin. Grace has no context unless we first understand that law exists to be respected and obeyed. And grace is no grace that promotes envy and stealing in order to favor those who are not citizens. Surely such a prejudicial policy was never meant by our Savior to be mistaken for grace.

Amnesty means, not forgiveness, but shutting our eyes to a great sin of theft of our nation’s resources. By failing to teach responsible immigration, amnesty promotes further immorality. By mislabeling amnesty as Christian duty, religious leaders are foisting upon their members additional taxes and often suffering through taking their life-sustaining jobs.

I pray God will open our leaders' eyes to the damage being done to millions of our countrymen. I fully believe that much of the reason we are in such dire economic straits is because we have not listened to the Proverbs to the wise. Through lax law enforcement of immigration laws, we have encouraged lawlessness, financially unsound policies, and lent to those who cannot repay, etc.

Grace is to be dispensed by persons, to persons, not by governments. Churches can encourage private service but they must not demand that government do any such inappropriate thing. The duty of government is to protect its citizens and its borders.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Will we pay for illegals' healthcare?

by Kenneth Wallis: There are 3 ways in which Obamacare can deal with illegal aliens. First, it can state in the bill that illegals are allowed to access taxpayer funded health care system. This is what Rep. Honda of California and several other representatives demand in a letter written to Nancy Pelosi. This would encourage illegal immigration into the U.S., allow/require even more fraud to occur in the medical system, and force U.S. taxpayers to do the job of lazy corrupt regimes. [Full text of that letter]

Another way for Obamacare to deal with illegal aliens is to require enforcement language. This would require proof of citizenship in order to access the health care benefits created by Obamacare. For those who have paid attention, you know that efforts to amend any of the Obamacare bills with enforcement language have been stopped. What many people don't realize, is that even if enforcement language were to be added, it could be removed by the U.S. Supreme Court while allowing the rest of Obamacare to go through. Furthermore, an enforcement language amendment wouldn't deal with the other problems created by Obamacare, such as the 56 government organizations, privacy issues, and IRS code changes. [Source]

So how does Obamacare currently deal with illegal immigration? HR3200 states that illegals are not allowed access to benefits. SEC. 246. NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS.

Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States. However, as stated earlier, there is no enforcement language. When Joe Wilson said, "You Lie" during the Obama speech, on paper he was wrong, but in practice he was right. Even if some insurance companies/a public option company/hospitals were to require citizenship for access, leftist groups like ACORN who have connections with the government would fight to remove such requirements. Courts, local governments, and Federal Bureaucracies could do the same.

We know this because it is exactly what happened to the housing market. Banks were forced by HUD, ACORN and other groups to give loans to people who couldn't pay them back, many of them illegal. Government run Fannie/Freddie then promised the banks the loans would be secure. Efforts to reform this system were blocked by politicians such as Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and Barack Obama.Taxpayers were forced to pay for the mistake, while Capitalism was blamed, and the politicians who kept the system alive were given more power. Recent ACORN videos show them still helping people who can't afford housing get home loans, among other things. If one of the 5 Obamacare bills is passed, health insurance companies will be forced to provide services to illegal aliens; not just treatment services, but payment services. You will pay for the additional cost.

So what do you do about all this? The simple answer is that you demand Congress kill all forms of Obamacare. America's Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (HR3200), America's Healthy Future Act of 2009 (The Baucus Bill), and other forms of Obama's health care plans need to be voted down. There are no amendments that could fix this disgusting attempt to put government control over 1/6 of the U.S. Economy.  The Baucus Bill is currently before the Senate Finance Committee, which AR Senator Blanche Lincoln is a member of. If it leaves the Senate Committee process, Lincoln and Pryor will vote on the bill. John Boozeman, Marion Berry, Vic Snyder, and the Representative who could have killed HR3200 Mike Ross; will be voting on HR3200 when it goes before the full House. Call them, email them, try to meet with them, and support their opponents if they don't stand up and state that they will do everything in their power to kill this bill.

U.S. congressional candidates need to state that they will kill bills like this and show that there are better ideas. Republicans should state and waive bills such as The Patient's Choice Act of 2009 (HR2520/S1099) every time they are on TV talking about healthcare. The reason many Democrats claim there is no other plan on many issues, is that Republicans sit around like idiots not stating their bills. They need to be a party of ideas instead of a party that just says no.

Just when the health care debate couldn't get any more intense, Alan Grayson brings up the nothing argument. This is a tactic where Obamacare supporters claim that those who oppose Obama's plan have no plan of their own.

After you watch Grayson's claim, you can do a youtube search for- You lie! to President Obama. Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC) and pick the video from realclearpolitics. In 1:57-2:00, You can see the pieces of paper being waved and you can see that they are not blank.

Grayson is lying, and like Obama, is still pretending that Obamacare is the only healthcare plan. HR2520, The Patient's Choice Act of 2009, does what Obamacare bills don't do & in only 21 pages. Tort reform, interstate insurance, & reducing Medicare/ Medicaid fraud.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Obamacare or Hondacare?

(The Illegal alien Acambaro Crime Family of Arkansas)
by Kenneth Wallis: The health care / illegal immigration issue has risen again, thanks to 2 letters sent by about 20 or so extreme leftist in the House of Representatives led by Congressman Mike Honda. The 1st letter is a request for quicker access to Medicare benefits for legal immigrants, benefits that we can't even afford for U.S. citizens. Here's a quote from letter below. Notice the lack of concern over the tenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution (The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people).

Congress recognized the harm of a waiting period for vulnerable residents and partially addressed the situation by allowing states to opt to cover lawfully residing immigrant children and pregnant women without a five year waiting period in the Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (H.R. 2) enacted earlier this year. Although this was a step in the right direction, these children are not guaranteed access to affordable health care and their coverage is vulnerable to budget cuts and ideological changes to state policy.

The second letter is even worse, it demands that Obamacare cover illegal aliens. This is in defiance of the majority of the American voters, most legislators, and even Barack Obama himself. Of course Obama was lying when he claimed that illegals wouldn't be covered, because there is no enforcement language in any of the 5 Obamacare proposals. The Honda letters however, wants an Obamacare bill to state that illegal aliens should be given health care coverage. Here are some of the reasons.

Immigrants have been shown to seek substantially less medical care even while carrying insurance than native born Americans. In fact, immigrants spend 55 percent less on health care than U.S. born individuals. Thus, immigrants' contribution to the health care system would buoy the affordability of health care for everyone else in this nation.

First off, we have no idea where Honda got this stat, probably from The Urban Institute, a leftist organization connected with Obama. The stat doesn't separate legal immigrants from illegals, nor does it show how many immigrants are in America in comparison to U.S. born individuals. The idea that poor, uneducated, neglected citizens of other countries are going to be a benefit to the health care system or any other system has already been proven to be a lie. We have had hospitals along border states close because of illegal aliens.

The threat of pandemics and other infectious diseases demonstrate particularly well the folly of politicized public health policy.

Why do pro-illegal immigration supporters like Honda not care about the threat of pandemic when talking about building a wall, or more border patrol, or troops on the border, or raiding corrupt businesses, or requiring proof of citizenship to enter our schools, or requiring citizenship for tax payer funded benefits, or forcing reform in other countries? Anyone with a pandemic disease is treated by our medical system regardless of status. The letter fails to mention that there is a difference between treatment, which everyone gets, and payment for treatment. Of course if a version of Obamacare or Hondacare is passed, we will have more illegal aliens and thus more 3rd world diseases. Here is the full letter.

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