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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No Illegals Drowned Since Buoys Installed

The All-American Canal is estimated to have claimed more than 500 
The All-American Canal
by Marie C. Baca, California Watch: The U.S. Border Patrol is waiting before lifesaving buoys installed in the All-American Canal are declared a success – but in the months since the devices were put in place, nobody has died in the fast-moving waters separating Mexico and California.

In September, the Imperial Irrigation District began placing 105 lines of buoys in the All-American Canal, an 82-mile waterway that frequently claims the lives of migrants attempting to cross into the United States, as the AP reported last week.
According to the AP, the government agency is also adding 1,414 signs to the banks of the canal that read "Warning: Dangerous Water" in English and Spanish.
Border Patrol spokesman Aaron Van Zee said that since the buoys were installed, there have been no known rescue operations or drownings in the canal. He noted that border crossings typically decrease around the holidays, making it difficult to draw firm conclusions about the efficacy of the project.

"More people will likely try to start crossing soon," said Van Zee. "We'll have a better understanding of what's working as time goes by."

According to news reports, more than 500 people have died in the All-American Canal since its construction in 1942, leading some to call it the "most dangerous body of water in the United States." The $1.1 million buoy project was approved last August by the Imperial Irrigation District, the regional authority that oversees the canal . . . [Full Story]

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