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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stop the illegals to fix the budget

by Laura Ingraham: In cash strapped California it has been reported that in Los Angeles County alone, children of illegal immigrants are set to receive $600 million in welfare payments this year. In addition to the cost of providing welfare to people who are here illegally, Los Angeles County doled out $1.6 Billion overall to illegal immigrants in 2010, and that number does not even include the cost of education! Is it any wonder why so many illegal immigrants are streaming into our country every day? They are rewarded financially for breaking the laws and taxpayers get saddled with the cost.

However, several states are now beginning to look at their budgets and realize one way to help bring down deficits is to provide zero incentives to illegal immigrants. In Virginia and Colorado, state legislators are introducing legislation that mirror’s Arizona’ SB 1070 in order to do just that- help their state budgets by cracking down on illegal immigration. There is no reason in this economic climate to be handing out checks to illegals when so many of our fellow citizens suffer. Hopefully more states will see this and act as well.

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