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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Illegal Immigrants -- Call Them "Illegal Aliens"

Question of the Day: What does your state legislature believe and espouse regarding those who are in our country illegally? Take a gander at the position of a Texas legislator. Then leave us a comment. Yes, feel free to share your legislator's name and position on using the correct terms related to people who enter our country ILLEGALLY.

The following article was shared by God's Vigilant Minutemen. Since it was written by a public official, it has moved quickly through the public domain and has been and is being published on several sites including the Tuscon Sentinel.

Jose Aliseda - Special to Texas Tribune: I have been asked how to refer to people who are in this country illegally — as illegal aliens or by a softer term, like undocumented immigrants. I suppose as a legal immigrant to this country at the age of 4, I might have a different perspective from those who have not had at least part of those terms applied to them during their lives. I remember growing up being referred to as a green-card alien or a registered alien, and being somewhat embarrassed by the term "alien," as if I was a little green man.

But I am a United States citizen now, and I have been a licensed attorney for 28 years. As an attorney, I have been trained that words in the law have meaning and definitions. I have been licensed to practice in federal court for 23 years. I have represented, by court appointment, many people charged with illegally re-entering this country after deportation. In the United States Code, wherein this nation's laws are codified, individuals who are here illegally are called "illegal aliens." So it is, for example, that you can have a statute titled "8 U.S.C. § 1365: US Code - Section 1365: Reimbursement of States for costs of incarcerating illegal aliens and certain Cuban nationals."

Referring to persons, things and matters in their proper legal terms and common definitions is very important for a lawyer and should be important for a layperson and society as a whole. This is supposed to be a nation of laws, after all.

That is why, as a conservative, I am extremely frustrated by the liberal political-correctness movement, supported by the "style books" of the liberal media, which is devoted to promoting an alternative terminology that seeks to assert a more positive aspect to negative or undesirable qualities. For example, those who are pro-abortion rights are referred to in some publications as "pro choice." Or those who are professional political agitators are referred to as "community organizers."

Make no mistake about it - those political parties, organizations and people who sympathize with, exploit or pander to individuals illegally in this country are using today's hyper-politically correct culture to try to change the term "illegal alien" to something that does not contain the negative connotations of the word "illegal."

The word "illegal" is an adjective and means that something is prohibited by law and/or involving a crime. By slowly removing that term -- and, to a certain extent, the word "alien," which also carries with it a somewhat negative connotation -- from our nation's vocabulary and substituting a euphemism such as "undocumented immigrant" or "undocumented person," they hope to change the public's acceptance of people here illegally.

I, for one, will continue to use the term "illegal alien" to refer to persons who are unlawfully here, and I hope and pray that American society soon wakes up and rejects the political correctness movement before it blurs all the lines between right and wrong and destroys our country from within.
Jose Aliseda, R-Beeville, represents District 35 in the Texas House of Representatives

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Urge Your State Legislators to Stop Illegal Aliens from Receiving Public Benefits

NumbersUSA: Rampant illegal immigration continues to be an enormous financial burden on American taxpayers. U.S. citizens and legal residents in all 50 states continue to foot the bill for public services received by illegal aliens. In fact, public services to illegal aliens costs state and local governments around $85 billion a year! This is money directly from our pockets!

Giving welfare benefits to illegal aliens only encourages these individuals to stay in the U.S., and even encourages more people to enter illegally. More must be done by your state legislature to ensure that public benefits in your state only go to the citizens and legal residents who need them. Please don't delay. Send this critical message to your state legislators today, urging them to do more to protect vulnerable U.S. citizens and legal residents from illegal aliens. This is a completely free service. There is no cost to you.

Dear (Your State Legislators Will Appear Here),

Far too much money is spend on providing illegal aliens with welfare benefits. The law is clear on this matter: illegal aliens are not entitled to federal, state, or local welfare benefits. With this in mind, I ask that you propose legislation to cut off this flow when the legislature reconvenes.

Currently, states and localities spend about $85 billion each year on benefits for illegal aliens. During this same time period, states and localities only bring in $4 billion in tax revenues from illegal aliens. I may not be a math genius, but these numbers just don't add up. Also, the people that claim that illegal aliens are "documentless" individuals who pay their taxes and don't wish to leech off taxpayers are either fools or are just plain lying.

The bottom line is that welfare benefits are meant as a last resort, to be used by Americans and legal residents when times are really tough. Unfortunately, many illegal aliens use our state's welfare system not as a safety net, but as a way of life. I'm sure you agree that this needs to change.

Currently, 11 states use the federal SAVE system to verify that benefits applicants really do have the right to receive welfare benefits. If such a system were enacted in our state, untold millions would certainly be saved.
Please propose legislation to mandate use of the SAVE system so that welfare benefits only go to Americans in need.
(Your Name Will Appear Here

NumbersUSA, America's largest-member immigration-reduction organization. We are non-profit and non-partisan.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Columbo Interview

Political Humor:

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear

Image Via Wikipedia
by TexasFred: Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear
FALFURRIAS, Texas — While walking along a dirt road bordering his property, a South Texas farmer complained about living in fear of Mexican traffickers smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants across his land. He would later ask his visitor not to reveal his identity, for his safety and that of his family.

“I’m a citizen of the United States. This is supposedly sovereign soil, but right now it’s anybody’s who happens to be crossing here,” he said. “I’m a little nervous being here right now. Definitely don’t come down here after dark.”
The farmer said a federal law enforcement agent told him to buy a bulletproof vest to use while working in his fields. Whenever he goes out to survey his agricultural operations, he always tells his office where he is headed, and he has purchased a high-powered rifle.

“One of the basic points of the federal government is to protect the people of this nation to secure the border, and they’re not doing that,” he complained.
Story: Cartels using Ariz. mountaintops to spy on cops

The Obama administration and many local officials have said the U.S.-Mexican border is safer than ever and that reports of violence on the American side are wildly exaggerated. But the farmer scoffed at that argument. “I walk this soil every day and have since I was old enough to come out on my own,” he said. “In this part of Texas, it is worse than it’s ever been.”

Full Story Here:
Along Mexican border, US ranchers say they live in fear
I know this may come as a shock to the Dems and Libbers that read here, and I DO know that you’re reading here, but Obama, Holder, Napolitano and the whole damned bunch of them in the diabolical faux pas known as The Obama Regime are LIARS of the 1st order. The U.S. border with Mexico IS a WAR ZONE!

Obama and Company are NOT Democrats, they are NOT liberals, they are Socialists, and nothing more. Their intent is to destroy this nation, and by golly, they are getting it done!

Obama tells us what the Dems have done for America, and this is all I can come up with, they are taking this nation over and are doing it in small pieces.

I don’t know about YOUR town, but I know that here in Rowlett, TX we have a handful of Dems (Socialists) that work under the guise of being *community helpers*. They suck up to the City government, our fire fighters and police. They try to lock in the trust of those around them, when all the while they are supporters of Obama and the Socialization of America.

THIS is their mantra:

“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”
Norman Mattoon Thomas – Socialist Candidate for President 1944
You HAVE been warned America. If you fail to take heed, or to act, and by saying *TO ACT* I refer to actions at the polls, then the results are on you, and America dies!

I am NOT going to advocate armed insurrection against the duly elected government of the United States, but I will say this; our Founding Fathers would have already been in a fire fight!
Wake up America! Just sayin’…

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crime Makes A Family Pay And Videos

By Kenneth Wallis, Little Rock Immigration Examiner: Burglars, Murderers, con artist, any other criminal can be separated from their family, but Illegal alien criminals can’t? According Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney (not during debates), and RINO "GOP TV Strategists" like Karen Nussle, illegal aliens get to cut in line for legal status if they can dodge the authorities for a couple of years.

Gingrich added some bleeding heart stipulations for his green card amnesty lite plan, such as having a family, going to church, and not being caught by the law for 25 years. Of course Gingrich left out the fact that illegal aliens usually break several laws when living in the US. He also left out the fact that the illegal aliens who do work (only around 6 of the 12-15 million have jobs), take jobs away from legal workers, and money from their families.

For some reason, the CNN Debate on Foreign Policy left out the families of Ramos & Compeon, the border agents imprisoned by former Univision Lawyer & Attorney General Johnny Sutton. Blitz didn't seem to ask a question about Brian Terry, the Border Agent murdered by illegal alien drug smugglers armed by the negligent coward Eric Holder. I'm not sure of Ron Paul's stance, but Herman Cain, Michelle Bachmann, and Rick Santorum appear to be the only 3 who definitely oppose a path to legal status for illegal aliens.

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Newt Gingrich Surprises GOP Debate Audience with Stance on Immigration

[Video Source]

Read: by Ross1948 - "AmNewtsty – Gingrich Offers Not a Choice But an Echo"
This morning night I was watching late ABC news and was sad to see Newt Gingrich showing sympathy with crimmigrants. I watched him yesterday telling the world that the longer a law-breaker has gotten away with his or her law-breaking, the more we should indulge their crimes. What a peculiar outlook this candidate has!

Sounds like he’s not so much a Newt but a RINO.

There are an estimated ten – twelve million illegal aliens in the USA, all of whose presence is an affront to the many honest men and women who have applied to migrate to America and are waiting, maybe have been waiting, for years to turn their aspiration into reality. The crimmigrants are contemptible queue-jumpers, no better than the so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ here in Australia, and most decent Americans want the illegals deported. Not Gingrich.

He said that if they’d managed to dodge justice for ‘years and years,’ it would be ‘inhumane’ to catch them now and kick them out! His ‘humanity-gap’ remains undefined, however. Is it ten years? Twenty? Five? Seven and a half? Will he apply this new concept of equality under the law to other serious offences, like bank robbery or rape, with gangsters and sex offenders who have striven successfully to keep out of police hands for similar periods of time coming forward gleefully to claim their Newt-Amnesty?

He invoked Americans’ respect for the institution of the family to justify his pro-crimmigrant call – an irrelevant and irrational argument, for if he’s referring to either spouses or children of a captured crimmigrant, as we must assume he is, then in what way is meting out justice deleterious to their relationship? If their crim gets deported, they are not being held in America against their will – they can follow him home to where he belongs. . . .

Also Read Rush Limbuagh's Comments in this below report by Amy Woods -- "Rush Limbaugh: Gingrich Comments Allowing Illegals Will Haunt Him""
Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich’s statement that he would allow some longtime illegal immigrants to stay in the United States will haunt the former House speaker during the primaries, Rush Limbaugh says.

During the GOP debate Tuesday night, Gingrich said the United States should not automatically deport those living in the country illegally if they have established families and been here for 20 or 25 years. He acknowledged that that could allow millions of illegals to stay.

“Just because someone is here 25 years does not mean that they have assimilated into our society,” Limbaugh said on his radio show today. “They could be rabble-rousing for La Raza out there for 24 of the 25 years.”

Limbauch questioned how Gingrich’s policy would play out.

“How exactly would this work?” he asked. “What if somebody’s been here not 25 years but 22? What is the test here to determine that they have assimilated into our distinct American culture?”
Gingrich’s surprising remarks turned the issue into a big attack target for the Republican front-runner, Limbaugh said.

“This is a bold proposal, there’s no question, but it was snuck in there,” he said. “The way he threw it out there as full-fledged policy, okay, that means we can shoot at it.”

Any policy on illegal immigration must include securing the border, he said.

“You have to build popular support to secure the border first,” he said. “That remains the sieve. That remains the ongoing problem.”

Limbaugh said Gingrich cleverly failed to use the term amnesty when revealing his policy because “he knows if you grant amnesty, amnesty is citizenship.

“So Newt can say today, as he is saying, my program’s not amnesty,” he said. “Therefore, these people are not going to become automatic Democrat voters.”

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Majority Voters Oppose Automatic Citizenship for Children Born to Illegal Immigrants

Rasmussen Reports: Voters oppose more strongly than ever granting automatic U.S. citizenship to a child born to an illegal immigrant in this country.

Now, nearly two-out-of-three Likely U.S. Voters (65%) say if a woman enters the United States as an illegal alien and gives birth to a child here, that child should not automatically become a U.S. citizen. . . . [Full Report]

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marco Rubio: "Republicans are Pro Immigrants"

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bill to Stop Obama Administration from Suing States Over Immigration

DeMint, Vitter and Sessions to Offer Bill to Stop Obama Administration from Suing States Over Enforcement of Immigration Laws

Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senators Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), David Vitter (R-Louisiana) and Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) announced they will soon offer legislation to prohibit President Obama’s administration, including the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other agencies, from participating in lawsuits against South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona over recently passed immigration laws.

Senator DeMint said,“ It’s absurd that the Obama Administration, which has failed to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, is now stopping South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona from taking commonsense steps to protect citizens and uphold the lawPresident Obama has failed to build the southern border fence mandated by Congress. He’s also failed to control the northern border, allowing the Border Patrol to stop conducting routine checks at bus stops and train stations for illegal immigrants who could be smugglers or terrorists. South Carolina has a duty uphold the law and to protect our citizens from criminals who are in the country illegally.”

Senator Vitter said, “States like South Carolina, Alabama and Arizona have simply taken responsibility for a problem that the federal government has neglected for years, but Washington’s only response is to oppose the state's enforcement efforts and take them to court. We're working to stop these politically driven lawsuits by cutting off the ability for the Obama administration to use taxpayers' money to pay for them.”

Senator Sessions said, “The Department of Justice— the chief law enforcement agency in this country—has failed in its responsibility to enforce federal immigration laws. The Justice Department needs to stop going after States that are taking steps in harmony with federal laws to see that our immigration laws actually are enforced and to help end the lawlessness. The federal government should focus on the jurisdictions that are actively undermining federal immigration law enforcement, like Cook County (Chicago), Illinois, Santa Clara and San Francisco Counties in California, and Washington, D.C.  I am grateful to Senator DeMint and Senator Vitter for their leadership in this important issue.”

According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the number of illegal immigrants in South Carolina prisons has jumped more than 400 percent from 925 in 2003 to 3,750 in 2009. Over the same time period, Alabama’s incarcerations of illegal immigrants has risen over 300 percent and Arizona’s rose over 50 percent.

The same March 2011 GAO report found that: “criminal aliens had an average of 7 arrests, 65 percent were arrested at least once for an immigration offense, and about 50 percent were arrested at least once for a drug offense. Immigration, drugs, and traffic violations accounted for about 50 percent of arrest offenses. About 90 percent of the criminal aliens sentenced in federal court in fiscal year 2009 (the most recently available data) were convicted of immigration and drug-related offenses. About 40 percent of individuals convicted as a result of DOJ terrorism-related investigations were aliens.”

The Associated Press reported on October 28, 2011 that: “U.S. Border Patrol has quietly stopped its controversial practice of routinely searching buses, trains and airports for illegal immigrants at transportation hubs along the northern border and in the nation's interior, preventing agents from using what had long been an effective tool for tracking down people here illegally… agents said it was an effective way to catch unlawful immigrants, including smugglers and possible terrorists, who had evaded detection at the border, as well as people who had overstayed their visas. Often, those who evade initial detection head quickly for the nearest public transportation in hopes of reaching other parts of the country.”

Five years ago, legislation was passed to build a 700-mile double-l.... This is a promise that has not been kept. According to staff at the Department of Homeland Security, as of May 2011 just 5 percent of the double-layer fencing is complete, only 36.3 miles.

Senators DeMint and Vitter offered similar legislation in 2010 after the DOJ announced a lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law. That legislation received a vote on July 21, 2010 and garnered the support of 5 Democrat senators including current U.S. Senators Max Baucus (D-Montana), Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas), and John Tester (D-Montana).

Link: DeMint, Vitter and Sessions to Offer Bill to Stop Obama Administration from Suing States Over Enforcement of Immigration Laws

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Representatives Call For Holder's Resignation

Nearly a dozen Republican House members joined together Tuesday to call for Eric Holder to resign from his position as Attorney General, holding him responsible for "Operation Fast and Furious" and the death of a Border Patrol Agent. [Video Source]

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Monday, November 14, 2011

This is what multiculturalism has brought upon our nation

Cross posted from Patriot's Corner

Update to this post:

A regular reader and commenter of Patriot's Corner has made an EXCELLENT point about how the United States actually purchased the land that mexican or should I be politically correct and say hispanic groups like La Raza and the extremely anti-Semitic mexican group La Voz De Aztlan, want to take back by force if necessary. They can buy it back from the United States as Findalis mentions in the comment, which you will find below:

Not one of these idiot teachers will teach these Mexican kids the truth.

Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo And The Gadsden Purchase

In both of these documents the truth of payment for the land in "question" was done.

15 million dollars (Equivalent to $380 million today) for land won in war. New idea. Pay the losers for the land you win in battle.

10 million more dollars ($244 million today) were paid to the government of Mexico for a total of $25 million ($624 million today). This was not chump change.

The land was bought and paid for, with interest. Now if these idiots want to buy it back we could demand the reasonable sum of $20 Trillion. That is what the land is now worth in my eye.

That is just what the US did. Strange that Hispanic groups calling for a return of the "STOLEN" lands forget.


This is a travesty beyond imagination. We have become so diversified, become so multicultural that being a Patriotic American is now being unconsidered unconstitutional. That a handful of students were treated this way and a bunch of mexican students sniveled and whined about the white students wearing t-shirts with AMERICAN FLAGS on them on the mexican 'holiday' cinco de mayo day, is most repulsive to this American Patriot. That the Morgan Hill High School would treat white students this way is disgusting. How do you think American White students in Mexico would be treated if they paraded around a mexican high school campus with an American Flag on the 4th of July, say in Mexico City?

This is what excessive multiculturalism, excessive diversity and political correctness have brought to America. We wonder why our country is in trouble and at the base of all our ills is the tearing away of our foundations. A strong family led by a married couple, a MAN and a Woman, the teaching of morals and ethics in our schools, the teaching of the basics of education at the very beginning at the earliest ages, reading, writing, math and then moving into more advanced subjects. We have lost the majority of technical classes than ensure our children will know how to manufacture goods and produce services to help our country remain economically strong in an ever competitive global economy. What has happened to wood, metal shop and the likes of automotive repair classes? They are gone or being cut. No wonder our children are lost, cannot read or write. Computer and technical skills are great but they will never duplicate what the human mind and a good pair of hands will be able to create. When our children learn to type on a keyboard exclusively and run computer programs at the expense of writing by hand or actually calling someone rather than texting, the damage to our children is deep and is just now starting to show up with kids who cannot converse to save themselves or pass a basic reading or writing class in high school.

Not only do you have the above issues but now add into this that our children are now raised not argue or if you get in a fight, turn your back and walk away. I am sorry, young boys sometimes need to fight it out and so do some girls. This has been totally killed in our schools and if a child defends him or herself, they are almost always the ones the ones that get in much worse trouble. My son knows how to defend himself and I have gone to his schools several times to defend his actions when he got in a fight or hassle. There was only a time or two he was responsible for starting it but you had better believe he knows how to defend himself and when push comes to shove, he is ready.

We raise our children that they can always be 'winners' and to be a loser or lose at something, no matter it is wrong and must be avoided at all costs. My son quit soccer which he was incredibly good at it because the coaches refused to let the game be rough and tumble and at games neither team, even the one who lost was the loser and it was banned to call the losing team losers. In life there are winners and losers. We learn much more from our mistakes, losses, adversity than we do from being a bunch of whining winners all the time. This is rampant in our public schools today, being taught from the earliest grades up through high school. It is being stealthily done but it is there. Homosexuality is now an acceptable lifestyle in kindergarten? Since when and why do five and six year old kids need to learn this. And we wonder what is wrong with our country. Yes, much of what is wrong is capsulized in Washington D. C. but look inside our homes for problems that I think are equally as bad and dangerous as what is going on in our nation's capitol.

What we have witnessed in Morgan Hill is one of the end results that will do more damage to the White American Kids because of what this says to them. It is OK for mexican students to parade about with a mexican national flag on cinco de mayo in our country, the United States and not all right for a small group of white(Anglo as in the story below)students to take offense to this on their home country soil?

This group of boys just wanted show their love of country and patriotism.

Add to this the wrongs being committed to the American people by too many illegal aliens in our country and a government that is too cowardly to enforce the rules that are already on the books because they are so paranoid about having enough votes to stay in office, pull in donations from unions(SEIU), La Raza, and other corrupt organization that basically hate the America I grew up in and with. When the well being and safety of mexican students is chosen over the rights of American white students, the system has committed a violation of the white students first amendment rights. When simply wearing an American flag in a public school warrants this type of knee jerk, liberal action from a school principal then he should be recalled from his position. There was no reason to send these kids home. Did a riot break out? No A fight? No. Just a bunch of mexican kids who feel that can do whatever they want because they are entitled to all of this because we have given them everything since they were born here and most of their parents are probably here illegally.

The attorney representing the White kids is absolutely correct to appeal this and I hope he gets all the legal help he needs to take this all the way to Supreme Court if need be. There is much more at stake here in Morgan Hill than meets the eye. Those who are here in this country need to learn to respect the people who were long before their parents came here, many illegally. They need to learn to assimilate into American society and adapt to our uniquely American culture. No one is asking these mexicans to give up their love of mexico or being mexican. It is about respect for Americans (the vast majority who are legal and were born here) and the country these mexicans now live in.

It is quite simple, If you do not love the United States with all it has that is good and all that is has that is far from perfect, then get the hell out. The Rio Grand is quite low in many places and you will hardly get wet in returning to your homeland, mexico.


Live Oak High School students from left, Daniel Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano and Dominic Maciel were sent home from school Wednesday because they were wearing American flag t-shirts on Cinco De mayo. Photo courtesy of Gilroy Dispatch.

Court backs Morgan Hill school in flag dispute
Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer

A Morgan Hill high school principal reasonably feared violence on campus when he saw a group of students wearing American flags on their shirts on Cinco de Mayo, and he did not violate their freedom of speech by telling them to turn the shirts inside out or go home, a federal judge has ruled.

Citing past clashes between Mexican American and Anglo students over their clothing on the Mexican holiday, Chief U.S. District Judge James Ware of San Francisco said school officials "reasonably forecast that (the shirts) could cause a substantial disruption" and were entitled to take steps to prevent it.

While the Supreme Court has ruled that public school students have the right to engage in nondisruptive free speech, that ruling "does not require that school officials wait until disruption occurs before they act," Ware said in his ruling Tuesday dismissing the students' lawsuit.

Mark Posard, a lawyer for the Morgan Hill Unified School District, said Friday that Ware's decision "affirmed that school safety is paramount."

Bill Becker, a lawyer for the youths and their parents, said they would appeal "this bizarre ruling."

"The court found that the rights of students promoting their Mexican heritage trumped the rights of students expressing their patriotism," Becker said. If school officials feared disruption, he said, they should have canceled the Cinco de Mayo observance.

The case arose in an ethnically charged atmosphere at Live Oak High School. On the previous Cinco de Mayo, Ware said, a group of Mexican-American students walked around with a Mexican flag, and a group of Anglo students responded by hoisting a makeshift American flag up a tree, chanting "USA" and exchanging profanities and threats with the Latino youths.

She was allowed to stay at school while the American boys were sent home!
When three students showed up on May 5, 2010, with U.S. flag images on their shirts, the judge said, an assistant principal asked them to remove the shirts or turn them inside out, and ordered them to his office when they refused. After a 90-minute session with the students, two others wearing similar shirts and one parent, the principal sent two of the youths home for the day.

Their lawsuit accused school officials of violating the standard that the Supreme Court set in 1969 when it upheld students' right to wear black armbands to class, in a silent protest against the Vietnam War, and said schools can suppress student expression only when it threatens to disrupt the educational process.

The flag-bearing shirts caused no disruption, the students' lawyers said, and school officials were not entitled to interfere just because they believed "the patriotic message may offend some students." They also said the school allowed Mexican-American youths to wear colors of the Mexican flag that day.

But Ware said post-1969 rulings by federal courts have deferred to school officials' conclusions that certain types of student expression could endanger the speakers - for example, decisions by three appellate courts upholding bans on the Confederate flag in schools with histories of racial tension.

Before the Live Oak students were sent home, the judge said, all of them encountered hostility from other students about their clothing, and all acknowledged to the assistant principal that they might be in danger but said they were willing to take their chances.

Ware also rejected the students' claim of discrimination. There was no evidence that youths who wore Mexican flag colors were in danger, he said, and "all students whose safety was in jeopardy were treated equally."

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Congress Must Get Serious About Immigration Enforcement

Political leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives have been influenced by outside consultants into preventing H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, from receiving a floor vote in the House this fall. Their reasoning behind doing this is to keep Congress focused on restoring jobs, yet the Legal Workforce Act will open up nearly 7 million jobs for unemployed Americans and legal residents!

Your Congressional Representative cannot let this continue. The Legal Workforce Act represents the strong enforcement-based immigration policy that a majority of Americans have demanded for years, while also creating more job opportunities, the top issue facing the country today. Congress has a responsibility to give this outstanding bill the proper attention it deserves, without the political posturing that will keep it from advancing further. Send this critical message to your U.S. House Representative today, urging him/her to do more to protect vulnerable American workers from cheap illegal labor. Below is a suggested message or use the Free Fax service at This is a completely free -- There is no cost to you.

Dear (Rep -- Your U.S. House Member), Please support H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, so that jobless Americans and legal immigrants can fill those jobs currently held by illegal workers.

This legislation, in addition to requiring employers to run new hires through the E-Verify system, would gently move illegal aliens out of U.S. jobs. Over time, the 7 million illegal aliens in non-agricultural jobs would be replaced by unemployed Americans and legal immigrants. While not solving America's unemployment problem, H.R. 2885 would certainly lessen its severity.
This legislation is able to coax out these illegal workers by requiring the Social Security Administration to send out "no match" letters to employers if the name and Social Security number of a current employee do not match. The employer is required to run "no match" employees through the E-Verify system to determine if they are eligible to work in the United States. Clearly, this is an easy and effective way of putting unemployed Americans and legal immigrants in jobs currently held by illegal aliens.

Please support H.R. 2885, the Legal Workforce Act, and help Americans get back to work and help employers stay on the right side of the law.
(Your Name)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Government Fines Border Patrol Agent’s Family

Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, reported yesterday:

After successfully winning a two-year prison sentence against U.S. Border Patrol Agent Jesus E. Diaz Jr., the Justice Department is now trying to collect a $6,870 fine from his wife, saying it should be paid “immediately” — even though the judge signaled she would have a grace period.

In a notice sent last week the Justice Department said the fines were imposed by the court that found Agent Diaz guilty and sentenced him to prison for improperly restraining a 15-year-old suspected of drug smuggling.

“We strongly urge you to pay this debt immediate,” said the notice, which was received by Diana Diaz, who is also a Border Patrol agent.

But Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican, sent a letter to Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Tuesday asking that the fine be canceled or at the least be delayed until after his appeal. Mr. Hunter said the judge in the case told Mrs. Diaz that the process for fines wouldn’t begin until a month after he was released from federal prison. . . .

Members of Congress have challenged the Justice Department’s prosecution, saying it could make agents less effective. Mr. Hunter said it “sets a dangerous precedent and creates unnecessary confusion among law enforcement on the border.” . . . [Full Story]

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Obama slaps intimidation lawsuit on South Carolina over illegals

JAMES R. EDWARDS, JR. — The Obama Justice Department has launched yet another outrageous lawsuit against a state acting within its broad police powers, this time drawing a bead on South Carolina over its immigration law.

This administration has already sued Arizona over its SB 1070 in 2010, and Alabama over its recent immigration enforcement measure this summer.  The executive branch has now challenged South Carolina’s similar law.

The Palmetto State’s statute is to become effective Jan. 1.  The Obama administration has now moved to block this popular state measure.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) claims that the statute is unconstitutional and violates the right to due process.  That is the same basic argument leveled at other states’ laws.

. . . Given the U.S. Supreme Court’s rulings earlier this year, the Obama administration’s move looks spiteful, cynical and full of hubris. The court ruled 5 to 3 in Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting that state laws conditioning business licenses on employee verification through E-Verify fall within states’ far-reaching police powers. The requirement serves a legitimate state interest, ensuring a legal workforce.

In a second case arising from Hazelton, Pa., the high court upheld the local ordinance that follows the same course.

States and localities bear the brunt of the costs that illegal aliens impose on taxpayers. Most of the cost burden goes for education, welfare and medical coverage. Other costs include criminal justice and jail.

The Center for Immigration Studies reports that South Carolina has suffered a 337% spike in illegal immigration since 1990. In Alabama, illegal immigration has skyrocketed 287% over that period. Arizona’s illegal resident numbers rose 208%.

State and local costs for services siphoned by illegal aliens and their anchor babies now total $391 million a year in South Carolina. Alabama’s costs associated with illegals come to $298 million a year. For Arizona, illegal aliens cost the state $2.6 billion a year.

The Justice Department should reread the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment. The Obama crowd should start saving taxpayer money by not pursuing a mean-spirited intimidation litigation agenda. -------- [Full Story]

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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I guess immigration laws are made to be broken...

Bobby Eberle
By Bobby Eberle, The Loft, GOPUSA: Perhaps I should rephrase my headline. From the actions of our federal government, it's not that immigration laws are made to be broken, it's that they are made to not be enforced in the first place. After years of neglect in keeping American's borders secure and fighting illegal immigration, states have had to step up and do it themselves. The problem is that each time a state passes a law to get tough on illegal immigration, the feds move in to shut it down. That's exactly what's happening now in South Carolina.

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