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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fraud by illegal immigrants destroying children’s lives

Rep. Elton Gallegly
By U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA): Illegal immigrant workers not only take jobs from American workers, they also damage the future of millions of American children through fraud and identity theft.

It’s an issue that will not go away if our southern border is sealed or Mexican citizens decide the United States is no longer a desirable destination, as a recent Pew Hispanic Center study suggests. Forty percent of illegal immigrants are visa overstays who come from around the world. That percentage will only rise if the recent Pew Hispanic Center study is correct. Illegal immigrants need fraudulent documents to obtain employment no matter where they come from.

Children are particularly susceptible to identity theft.

“The use of fraudulent documents for employment authorization and child identity theft go hand-in-hand because adults can use children’s Social Security numbers for years without being detected,” Ronald Mortensen, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, testified at a congressional hearing I chaired this month. “Document fraud, therefore, is not a victimless crime and the children whose Social Security numbers are used for employment purposes suffer very real and serious harm.”

Jennifer Andrushko’s 3-year-old son is one of those victims. His identity was taken by an illegal immigrant, who then used it to fraudulently obtain work and run up unpaid medical bills. “I cannot express how ridiculous it is that my son’s Social Security number has been used for care at an OB/GYN’s office or how frightening it is to know that my son’s medical history has been blatantly corrupted, which could have serious, life-threatening impacts on my son’s life and medical care,” Andrushko said in her testimony.

When Andrushko’s son was born, the Social Security Administration issued him a Social Security number that had already been used for years by an illegal immigrant. His credit, his medical history, his work history and his potential for being denied future benefits were immediately corrupted.

The illegal immigrant who created the fake Social Security number was arrested and placed on an immigration hold and yet released – twice. She runs free while the Andrushko boy’s Social Security number is tied to a criminal record.

Andrushko is not an isolated case. The SSA Actuary estimates that 75 percent of illegal immigrants obtain and use a fraudulent Social Security number.

The millions of victims include:

· A 9-year-old boy who was denied Medicaid because wages were reported on his Social Security number.

· A 13-year-old girl who was denied as a dependent on her family’s tax return because she supposedly made too much money.

· An 11-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl whose Social Security numbers are being used by multiple people for work authorization.

A Carnegie Mellon CyLab survey discovered that children are 51 times more likely to be victims of identity theft than adults, Mortensen noted. “Children’s Social Security numbers are especially valuable for employment purposes. Children do not use their Social Security numbers for employment, credit or other purposes, thus the illegal use of their Social Security numbers can go unnoticed for many years,” he said.

The SSA is no help to victims of Social Security fraud. Neither are the IRS or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Andrushko family has been battling to clear their son’s history since 2009, with no end in sight.

“Words cannot adequately express the hurt, anger, frustration and betrayal that we have felt in battling this,” Mrs. Andrushko said.

Members of Congress are working on ways to help the Andrushko family and others who have already become victims. We also need to find ways to keep other children from falling victim to identity theft.

One quick and easy way is to make E-Verify mandatory. E-Verify is an easy-to-use, accurate, computer-based employee verification system that ensures employees have a legal right to work in the United States. Nearly 360,000 American employers voluntarily use E-Verify and more than 2,700 new businesses sign up every week. It matches a person’s name, Social Security number and date of birth against Homeland Security Department and SSA databases. If the three fail to match, the person is denied employment.

As Mortensen noted: “E-Verify can help dramatically reduce job-related, child identity theft because an employer using the system in good faith cannot legally enter a child’s date of birth when the employee is obviously an adult.”

E-Verify would open millions of jobs for American workers and protect millions of children from identity theft. It helps solve two major problems facing American families today. The time to make it mandatory is now.
U.S. Rep. Elton Gallegly (R-CA) is chairman of the Immigration Policy and Enforcement Subcommittee.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rasmussen: Voters Understand the Immigration Debate; Politicians Don't

By Scott Rasmussen, GOPUSA: . . . That's why, among voters who are angry about the immigration issue, 83 percent are angry at the federal government rather than the illegal immigrants themselves. It's also why two-thirds of voters think those who knowingly hire illegal immigrants are a bigger problem than the people they employ. Simply put, most Americans are angry at those who would entice others to break the law. They're not angry at people who are willing to work hard to provide for their families.

It's a little bit like the public desire to go after drug pushers rather than occasional users of illegal drugs.

Still, there's another reason for the disconnect between official Washington and the American people on immigration.

In Washington, the entire focus of the immigration debate is on how to deal with those already living here illegally. For voters, this is a secondary concern. The bigger concern is how to secure the border so future immigrants enter the county according to the rules. Routinely, in surveys for years, 60 percent or more of voters say securing the borders is a higher priority than legalizing the status of the illegal immigrants who are here now.

Once voters are convinced that illegal immigration is a thing of the past, it will be easier to address the status of those in the country already.

But voters don't believe the federal government has any interest in securing the border. In fact, most believe the policies of the federal government are designed to encourage illegal immigration. This offends voters who want to respect the rule of law. If immigration laws -- or any laws -- are routinely ignored, then the government loses credibility.

If the laws are enforced, 61 percent of voters favor a welcoming policy that lets anybody come to America except national security threats, criminals and those who would live off the U.S. welfare system. All who would like to work hard and pursue the American Dream are welcome. . . . [Full Article]

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Illegal Aliens Continue Going Public to Avoid Deportation

by FAIR Gov't Relations Team: One of the newest trends illegal aliens are embracing as a means to escape deportation might surprise you: they’re going public.

This brazenness is thanks to the Obama Administration’s issuance of prosecutorial discretion guidelines, which direct DHS agents to ignore illegal aliens so long as they are not convicted of crimes the Administration deems serious. (See FAIR’s Morton Memos Summary, Jan. 2012)

This mandated “discretion” sends a clear message to illegal aliens that it’s okay to break the law. The amount of confidence bestowed by President Obama’s administrative amnesty policies has been enough to encourage illegal aliens to come out of hiding, stage their own rallies, and even challenge immigration authorities directly.

Here is a sampling of these “coming out” stories:
• In February, José Luis Zelaya, a graduate student at Texas A&M University, gained attention by running for the highly publicized position of Student Body President, integrating his illegal status into his campaign platform. (Fox News Latino, Feb. 29, 2012)

• Daniela Palaez of Florida gained nationwide attention in March when she was named her high school’s 2012 valedictorian. Palaez, who was brought to the U.S. as a young child, was facing imminent deportation until her story went viral and Florida Reps. Illeana Ros-Lehtinen and David Rivera, as well as Sens. Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson, made public appeals on her behalf. Within four days, ICE granted Palaez a two-year deferment of deportation, citing prosecutorial discretion. (FOX Phoenix, March 2, 2012; see also CBS Miami, March 6, 2012)

• In mid-April, Florida State University Law School graduate and tourist visa overstayer Jose Godinez-Samperio was spotlighted by the media when he petitioned for admission to the Florida Bar Association. The Florida Board of Bar Examiners is now requesting decision assistance from the Supreme Court, which marked the case “high profile.” (Chicago Tribune, April 16, 2012; see also Orlando Sentinel, April 15, 2012)

• Mohammed Abdollahi, an illegal alien residing in Michigan, brazenly explained that “the more public [illegal aliens] are with our stories, the safer we are.” (USA Today, March 12, 2012) Abdohalli, fearing he would be deported after years of living in the country illegally, got himself arrested and publicly pled his case. Sure enough, his lawyer was notified by an immigration official that Abdohalli would not be pursued for deportation. (Id.) Abdollahi now works for the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA).

• Most recently, Dulce Matuz, an illegal alien and graduate of Arizona State University, was granted a coveted spot on TIME Magazine’s 2012 list of the Top 100 Influential People in the World. Matuz, who is the founder of the Arizona DREAM Act Coalition, is working hard to reach Latino voters in Arizona with her belief that illegal immigrants deserve a pathway to citizenship. (WCVB-Boston, April 20, 2012; see also TIME Magazine, April 18, 2012)

So many illegal aliens feel comfortable going public under this Administration that they’ve even created their own day of recognition. National Coming Out of the Shadows Day was first hosted in 2010 by the Immigrant Youth Justice League (IYJL). The group’s Facebook page proudly notes that their event spurred “actions of civil disobedience” in a multitude of states. (See IYJL Facebook Page; see also Business Week, April 16, 2012) One such action took place in Philadelphia, where two illegal alien students challenged immigration officers by entering an ICE field office and declaring their illegal status. They were arrested for blocking a street and ICE initially filed detainers on the two students, but eventually released them without consequence. (Bi-College News, March 20, 2012)

While some illegal aliens choose to “remain in the shadows,” a growing number continue to flaunt their status as if their unlawful presence alone merits citizenship, and suddenly a different descriptor comes to mind: entitled.

The rise in confrontational tactics by illegal aliens provides clear confirmation that President Obama’s administrative amnesty measures are serving as positive reinforcement to the illegal community, cementing the idea that illegal aliens deserve citizenship simply due to their presence.

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Afternoon SCOTUS Round-up: Arizona v. United States

By Kali Borkoski , SCOTUS BLOG:   This morning the Court heard oral argument in Arizona v. United States, which ran for an additional twenty minutes beyond the scheduled hour.   According to Tom’s first report, most of the argument was focused on Section 2(b) of S.B. 1070, which requires law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of anyone stopped or arrested when they have “reasonable suspicion” that that person is in the U.S. illegally.  In the news coverage of the argument, there was a general agreement that the Court seemed likely to uphold Section 2(B), although it was less clear how the Court might rule on the other provisions at issue.  Reporting and analysis on the argument are available from Lyle Denniston at this blog, Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press (via the Seattle Times), Reuters, McClatchy,  CNN, MSNBC, Fox News,  Huffington Post, PoliticoDC Dicta, and the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).  PolicyMic is hosting a debate on the constitutionality of S.B. 1070 featuring several guest contributors.
Continue reading

The transcript of the oral argument is here.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woman Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Illegals To Florida

By Jim Mustian, Ledger Inquirer: A Ladonia woman has agreed to plead guilty to a conspiracy to smuggle more than two dozen illegal immigrants to south Florida.

Kathleen Ann Roberson, 21, inked a plea agreement with federal prosecutors Friday that could subject her to up to 250 years in prison and a fine of more than $6 million, according to court records.

The deal shines new light on a February traffic stop in the Tampa area that led to the arrests of Roberson, her 29-year-old neighbor, Jessica Roland, and five Mexican nationals who had crossed the border in Arizona en route to Immokalee, Fla.. The new court filings show the scheme was larger than previously known, and that an investigation by the U.S. Border Patrol linked Roberson to an unnamed "alien smuggling organization" in Arizona. . . . Read More
Hat Tip America's Best Choice for this story.

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Talk Border, pilot episode

Talk Borders is hosted by Michael Cutler, Senior Special Agent of the INS (Ret), Senior Immigration Editor for AND Magazine, and host of

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Rubio Wants GOP DREAM Act in Place

. . . in Time for Fall College Semester. Florida's America's Best Choice asks: Is Marco Rubio selling out both conservatives and American legal citizens? Confused - so are we?

By Elizabeth Llorente, Fox News Latino: - Marco Rubio says he wants his version of the DREAM Act in effect by fall, just in time for undocumented students to be able to attend college fall semester.

Rubio, in two separate events in Washington D.C., said his plan is still being hammered out, and important details – such as the minimum and maximum age of those who would qualify – were yet to be determined.

“We’re involving the DREAMers” in the drafting of the measure, he said, using the term that refers to undocumented youth brought to the country by their parents. “We’re involving the kids themselves.”

Asked by a reporter when it will be introduced in the Senate, Rubio said: “When it’s ready. It won’t be next week.” He said he hopes it gets introduced by summer and passed by fall.

“There are a bunch of kids. . .who want to go to school this fall,” Rubio said at an appearance at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.. “I’m also cognizant that this is an election year,” he added, saying it wouldn’t be easy to get bi-partisan support as the parties vie for elective offices.

Indeed, several Democrats in Congress say they will not back a plan that does not offer a path to citizenship. Charles A. González, chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, said in a press statement: "If the Rubio Plan bars citizenship it would be the first time in modern history that someone has proposed a law that would permanently prohibit citizenship to one segment of American society." . . .

The senator said that critics who dismiss his plan before it is even finalized are just interested in keeping the inability of undocumented youth to attend college "a political wedge issue," and are not really serious about finding a bipartisan solution.

"The general concept is that [students] would receive the equivalent of a non-immigrant visa, it legitimizes you," he said of his alternate DREAM Act proposal. "It doesn't allow you to to become a resident or citizen, however it doesn't prohibit you from applying." . . .

If they want to stay in the United States, they would have to apply like everyone else around the world, he said, and wait their turn, possibly back in their homeland. Rubio's plan also would not call on states to charge in-state tuition rates to undocumented students -- now many of them are charged out-of-state tuition, which can be twice as high -- nor would it give them access to financial aid.

“We want to make sure we don’t do anything that rewards illegal immigration,” he said. . . .

During GOP primary debates, Romney flatly said that as president, he would veto the DREAM Act that has been proposed in Congress. But Rubio said Romney has indicated that he would be open to considering a conservative alternative such as the one the Florida senator is developing.

Shortly after Rubio concluded his meeting with reporters, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and undocumented students – or “DREAMers,” as they’re called -- announced the launch of a voting campaign called “Su Voz, Mi Voto,” or “Their Voice, My Vote.” . . .

Rubio long had said he opposes the DREAM Act, because it would generate chain migration – where immigrants who have a green card or are naturalized citizens can then petition for family members overseas to gain legal permanent residency in the United States. . . . Read more

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Go Vote On This Issue At USA Today: Can an undocumented immigrant be admitted to the Fla. Bar?

USA Today has a story about the Florida Board of Bar Examiners is asking the state Supreme Court to determine whether it can admit someone who is NOT in the country legally, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The issue involves aspiring lawyer Jose Godinez-Samperio, 25, a Tampa-area resident and native of Mexico who entered the United States with his parents 16 years ago on a tourist visa and didn't leave. . . .
USA TODAY Asks:  Should an illegal alien be admitted to the Bar? Vote NOW

Vote Tally as of this post 3180: Yes 39% -- No 51%.
 For those who votes yes, the road to destruction is paved with good intentions.  When you let the camel's nose into the tent, he soon moves into the tent.  For those voting no, you understand that America is for the legal citizens of America. 

P.S. -  What has ICE been doing all these years while they failed to do their job?

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

8 Million Illegals Taking Legal American Citizens Jobs

Bill Smith, Editor: Noting the The Washington Post, April 9 the editorial "Sensible improvements on immigration" does not mean that I agree with it. First, it appears to be trying to move people, specifically conservatives, into accepting a "back-door" amnesty program.   The Post obviously was not concerned about unemployed Americans. Example, they overlooked one very big critical factoid: 8 million illegals taking legal American citizens jobs.

Where was their acknowledgement that 8 million illegal aliens are still in our workforce when 20 million Americans are unable to find full-time employment? Well that was not part of their agenda. And why didn't the Post demand to know why the House GOP leadership is not bringing the Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) to the floor for a vote? H.R. 2885, The Legal Workforce Act, has 74 sponsors and the bill is being held up in the House Ways and Means Committee by its Chairman, Republican Rep. Dave Camp (MI-4th Dist). It has already been through the Full Judiciary Committee six months ago. H.R. 2885 bill is to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to make mandatory and permanent requirements relating to use of an electronic employment eligibility verification system (EVerify), and for other purposes.

Congress returns to work on Monday, April 16. Readers may wish to contact the Chairman Rep. Dave Camp and encourage him to get this bill out of committee.  This bill should have been a "slam dunk" bill.  Illegals are taking away jobs that should only be available to legal citizens (20 million of them are jobless).  Read more on the bill at Open Congress.

I sent Chairman Camp a few tweets but have yet received a reply.
Tweets From Dr. Bill - OzarkGuru ‏ @arra:
April 12, 2012
@WaysandMeansGOP @RepDaveCamp Please hold hearing & vote on HR 2885. 7 M #illegals in non-ag jobs. 20 M Americans need job. Do the math!

@WaysandMeansGOP When will there be a hearing on HR 2885? #EVerify would open jobs held by #illegals to millions of unemployed Americans

April 10, 2012
@RepDaveCamp Please stop blocking HR 2885, which will stop ID theft # help unemployed Americans find work. #everify #4jobs #illegals #tcot

@RepDaveCamp a TV ad says you are blocking #EVerify. 20 M Americans can't find full-time job & U protect #illegals ? #smh #tcot #sgp

@RepDaveCamp Why R U blocking #EVerify? Not only combats ID theft, but also puts Americans back to work? Stop protecting #illegals #tcot

@RepDaveCamp saw a TV ad that says U R blocking #EVerify legislation. Stop blocking HR 2885 which will put Americans back to work #4Jobs

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Obama, Holder & Napolitano Leave Alabama Citizens Vulnerable to Criminals s

by Raju Chebium, Montgomery Advertiser reports: [Extracted] Thirty Alabama counties that are barred from setting up an immigration-verification system for jail inmates may be able to do so next year. . . . Napolitano said the Justice Department’s lawsuit against Alabama’s immigration law must be resolved before the Obama administration decides whether to lift the restrictions on the 30 counties.

Secure Communities is a Homeland Security program that allows the agency to check the fingerprints of people arrested by state and local authorities against federal immigration databases. Undocumented people are subject to eventual deportation.

The administration allowed 37 Alabama counties to implement Secure Communities before last summer, when the Justice Department sued to block HB 56, Alabama’s law targeting illegal immigrants. . . . The Alabama immigration law is virtually identical to an Arizona anti-illegal immigration law. The Supreme Court hears arguments in the Arizona case April 25 and is expected to rule by July. That decision could validate or nullify the administration’s suit targeting the Alabama law.

Both laws require local law enforcement officers to verify the immigration status of drivers during routine traffic stops. Federal courts have blocked that portion of Alabama’s law.

Alabama’s congressional delegation, with the exception of the sole Democrat, Rep. Terri Sewell, have pressed Napolitano to enact Secure Communities in all 67 counties. . . . “Your department’s decision to cease assisting Alabama in the removal of dangerous illegal aliens is wholly inconsistent with this administration’s stated position of focusing on the removal of those very individuals,” they wrote.

. . . Under President George W. Bush, 60 local agencies signed up for 287(g). Only eight have signed up since August 2010. Alabama officials said the number would be higher if their state’s agencies were allowed to take part. [by the Feds] [Full Story]

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The Green Card Top 20 Countries for 2011

H/T One Old Vet (Comments modified by Blogs For Borders)

The Green Card Top 20 for 2011

By Jerry Kammer

The Department of Homeland Security has just released statistics on the 1,062,040 legal residents admitted to the United States during 2011. Once again, Mexico is by far the leading recipient of green cards, with 143,446. The next three top counties: Communist China with 87, 016; India 69,013, and the Philippines 57,01, And there are a few other communist countries in the list as well as Muslim led countries including Iran which hates the USA had 14, 822. Who are we getting from these countries?   The list bellow shows the other countries in the top 20, which together received 63.2 percent of the green card total.

You can find these and a variety of other statistics in the Department of Homeland Security Office of Immigration Statistics “Annual Flow report“.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Houston's City Hall Proudly Displays Mexican Flag In The Legal Department

H/T Stop the Magnet: Imagine my surprise when I stepped off the elevator and looked through a glass partition on my right to see a Mexican Flag displayed on a cubicle. I was visiting the Legal Dept. [at Houston City Hall] to try to get clarity on exactly where petitioners may operate in "public forums". Have we been captured? What does this signify for our petition efforts?

Houston....we have a problem.
Editor Note: We are please to see the author of "Stop the Magnet" standing tall and fighting to stop the magnet of jobs and benefits for illegals. By stopping the magnet, we encourage them to leave our country. They are running a campaign to get a petition signed to get the Houston City Council to put sanctuary cities to a vote by the people of Houston, so the People can decide whether they want their city to be a sanctuary city or not, instead of it being proclaimed by a police chief, as is the case in Houston, as well as many other cities in Texas. Isn't it an outrage that an unelected city official gets to set policy for the people of Houston?

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Obama's illegal alien uncle gets driver's license after DWI

Posted by PatriotUSA- Relationship and family has it's privilege, don't you think? How many state, Federal and DMV laws have been broken and shattered here?


Obama's illegal alien uncle gets driver's license after DWI
By Jim Kouri

After pleading guilty to driving while intoxicated, President Barack Obama’s illegal-alien "Uncle Omar" was handed a Massachusetts driver’s license by the Motor Vehicles Registry, making it legal for him to drive again in that state in spite of protests by law enforcement officials. In addition, federal officials continue to say Uncle Obama doesn't belong in the United States in the first place.

"Onyango Obama, 67, who lost his regular license for 45 days last week,gained his driver's license yesterday from the Registry’s Wilmington branch, after telling a hearing officer that life without wheels would have posed an undue hardship on his livelihood as a liquor-store manager. Obama bolstered his case with a letter from his employer, Conti Liquors, as well as proof that he’d enrolled in an alcohol-treatment program," said John Zaremba and O'Ryan Johnson of the Boston Herald.

There are many who have become highly suspicious of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick's complicity in the decision to give a license to a man just convicted of drunk driving. Patrick is a staunch Democrat and was appointed the co-campaign manager for President Obama's re-election run the same week Uncle Obama got his driver's license.

"How is it possible that a previously deported illegal immigrant stripped of his driving privileges after getting busted for drunken-driving gets his license reinstated? Hint; his beloved nephew lives in the White House," stated the Judicial Watch blog.

"It’s the kind of story you won’t see in the mainstream media. Thankfully, Boston’s conservative-leaning newspaper reported it this week. The president’s uncle, Onyango Obama, got his driver’s license back after losing it for driving drunk last summer. It turns out that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles issues special “hardship licenses” that allow offenders to drive during certain times," said the JW blogger.

"Uncle Omar" is said to be qualified even though he’s not even supposed to be in the United States. Not only has he previously been deported to his native Kenya, Uncle Omar now has a criminal record. In the police report, the arresting officer says the president’s uncle was moderately unsteady on his feet, smelled like alcohol and slurred his words.

For nearly two decades Onyango Obama, who is actually mentioned in the president’s infamous memoir “Dreams from My Father,” has lived in a New England town called Framingham. Not only does he have a driver’s license (post DUI), he also has a valid Social Security, according to investigators at Judicial Watch.

A spokeswoman for the Massachusetts agency— Registry of Motor Vehicles—that reinstated Obama’s license this week said “he met all of the criteria,” but refused to elaborate on what exactly that means. When a reporter questioned an illegal immigrant getting a driver’s license, the state agency spokeswoman snapped back saying “registry business is based on registry records.”

The license award drew fire from one advocate of tough enforcement on illegal aliens. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson expressed outrage, pointing out that democracy is predicated on law.

“When we start to interpret these laws differently and manipulate them the way we want them to work for certain people, we start to send a mixed message to people that the law doesn’t really matter,” he said.

Uncle Obama has an immigration hearing next month, according to his attorney. Expect him to get the same special treatment afforded to Aunt Zeituni Onyango, the president’s illegal immigrant aunt. In 2010 Aunt Zeituni was granted political asylum, in a rare secret hearing, by the same judge who had previously deported her, states the Judicial Watch blogger.

"The judge’s abrupt reversal remains a mystery because it all took place behind closed doors even though the Justice Department’s immigration court manual -- as well as a federal appellate court -- says such proceedings should be open," said the blog.

Original source is here.
Jim Kouri, CPP, the fifth Vice President and Public Information Officer of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, has served on the National Drug Task Force and trained police and security officers throughout the country.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

2012 Presidential Hopefuls' Immigration Stances

NumbersUSA - Last posted number's 2/23/12

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers

ALIPAC1: Illegal Immigrant voters along with immigrants that are prohibited from voting have been detected voting in Florida. This joins confirmed reports of sizable numbers of non citizens voting in Georgia and Colorado!

Each illegal alien or non citizen immigrant that registers to vote is committing a felony. Each illegal alien or non citizen immigrant that votes and thus steals a vote from an American citizen is committing another felony.

The problem is that the states do not check to see if voters are in the US as immigrants or legally and the illegal immigration amnesty supporters know this.

Our elections are virtually defenseless at this time and illegal aliens stole elections west of the Mississippi for corrupt politicians like US Senator Harry Reid just like William Gheen of ALIPAC predicted on election day 2010 on Fox News.

Please send copies of this videos to your Federal and State lawmakers and candidates for public office.

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Obama’s Amnesty Destroying Core Moral Fabric of America

Via Article by By Mickey McCarter on Homeland Security Today

Immigration offices at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the
Department of Justice Friday unveiled a plan to suspend court proceedings for
illegal aliens who have not been detained in certain large urban areas around
the country.

Previously, DHS and the Justice Executive Office for Immigration Review
(EOIR) ran a pilot program in Baltimore, Md., and Denver, Colo., to delay
review of some cases for illegal aliens who were not being held in detention
by US authorities. DHS and EOIR ran the pilot program from Dec. 4, 2011, to
Jan. 13, 2012. The rescheduling of cases for non-detained aliens in those
cases enabled judges to focus on the cases of detained aliens, according to
the Justice Department.

The pilot in Baltimore and Denver was considered successful, so the agencies
have moved forward to expand the effort. Although they made no public
announcement, DHS and Justice told federal officials Friday that they would
begin a similar effort to reschedule the cases of non-detained illegal aliens
in Detroit, Mich., New Orleans, La., Orlando, Fla., and Seattle, Wash.,
beginning later this month.
In May, the departments will further reschedule
some cases for non-detained illegal aliens in New York City, and then again
in July in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Previously, EOIR explained, the agencies started the pilot program for
rescheduling the cases as a means to support prosecutorial discretion
policies promulgated by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Aug.
18, 2011. The goal of the ICE prosecutorial discretion policy is to
prioritize the cases of illegal aliens that pose a national security or
public safety threat to US communities, according to DHS.

EOIR announced the pilots in Baltimore and Denver last November. As part of
the larger move to prioritize the cases of illegal aliens, DHS and Justice
said ICE attorneys would review all incoming and pending cases.

ICE attorneys then may make decisions on the application of prosecutorial
discretion on a case-by-case basis. Their decisions may result in the
administrative closing of the cases against illegal aliens who are not
considered a threat to society. Many Republicans have decried the result as
"backdoor amnesty," as the Obama administration can allow illegal aliens to
remain in the country legally through the administrative process as long they
commit no serious crimes.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,
decried the announcement to reschedule cases for non-detained illegal aliens
to focus court cases on detained illegal aliens.

In a statement Friday, Smith protested the policy as the "expansion of
backdoor amnesty
." As a result of suspending court cases for non-detained
illegal aliens, illegal criminal aliens could post bond and leave jail,
thereby potentially remaining within the United States legally.

"The Obama administration's decision to expand its backdoor amnesty plan to
cities across the United States endangers Americans and insults law
enforcement officials," Smith said.
"The Obama administration's refusal to
enforce immigration law encourages more illegal immigration and rewards those
who have broken our laws by allowing them to remain here and apply for work
authorization. And the Department of Homeland Security could let some
criminal illegal immigrants, such as those charged with drunk driving, stay
in the United States. Why would the Obama administration knowingly jeopardize
the health and lives of Americans?"

Smith continued, "A recent poll found that two-thirds of the American people
want to see our immigration laws enforced. The Obama administration should
put the interests of the American people ahead of those who have broken our
immigration laws."

The Obama administration has produced a list of factors to consider as
favorable for illegal aliens who have committed no serious or repeat crimes
as matters to consider when determining whether to close cases against them.
Those factors include whether or not illegal aliens have lived in the United
States for a long time, have family members who are US citizens, or have
other compelling ties to the United States. The administration also would
like to suspend or close cases for illegal aliens who were brought to the
United States as minors but then served in the military or attended college.
It would also consider the cases of those who would benefit from various
proposals under the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors
(DREAM) Act.

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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Illegal Aliens Laugh about Americans killed by illegal immigrants

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC addresses the immigration legislation committee at the North Carolina General Assembly. When mentioning the American citizens that have been killed by illegal aliens across the state, the illegal aliens that flooded the meeting begin to laugh.

William Gheen rebukes the illegal alien activists for laughing about such a serious matter as Americans killed by illegal aliens and calls for the removal from power of NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and NC Speaker of the House Thom Tills for their efforts to block any state legislation that would protect American workers, students, and taxpayers from the ravages of illegal immigration.

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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Roy Beck Discuss Irish Work Visa Bill On CNN

NumbersUSA: Roy Beck was on CNN on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 to discuss a bill offered by Sen. Scott Brown that would create 10,500 new work visas for Irish Nationals. Roy discussed how the bill would bring in more foreign workers while 20 million Americans can't find a full-time job. He also noted that Irish Nationals already have equal access to work visas under the per-country capitas prescribed by current law.

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