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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illegal Alien Lawbreakers Line Up For Obamnesty

Posted by PatriotUSA from Patriot's Corner.

You do not think this is pandering for illegals votes, who broke the law to get here in the first place? Take a look a this video. They are saying up to two million illegal law breaking aliens 'may' qualify. You can bet they will ALL qualify under the direction President Obama

Now we have OBAMNESTY  to go along with obamacare.

"The part you won’t hear about in President Obama’s “Amnesty by Dictatorial Fiat program” are the thousands rushing over the border to begin the process, and yet thousands more who get their blank copies mailed, faxed and downloaded to sites all around Mexico so they don’t even have to leave their country to apply for Amnesty benefits in the U.S.

Fill out the paperwork in Mexico then send to a connection in the U.S. who walks it into the building and files it. It is just one way the professional illegal community game the system."

Hat Tip: The Last Refuge.

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Anonymous Nelda Gracia said...

Maybe this didn't pass earlier because it is not the right thing to do with 20+ million U. S. Citizens looking for work to support their families. All of a sudden they have documents is it because this amnesty gives them 2 more years living of the U. S. taxpayer? I thought if they got stopped for committing a crime that they could not produce documents they didn't have to produce documents because that was discriminatory. Are the documents real or fraudulent. Who will be verifying these so called documents?

8/18/12, 8:29 PM  

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