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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

States Fight Illegal Immigration

By Kenneth Wallis: DREAM ACTs by both parties had been rejected by US voters so strongly that Obama was unable to pass a DREAM ACT even when he had a supermajority democrat Congress. In a desperate act of hispandering, Obama issued an executive order that blocks ICE from deporting around 1.7 million illegal aliens who then get to file for “deferred action” status. This means some illegal aliens are eligible to receive work papers and driver’s licenses ahead of those still waiting to come here legally.

Just like the fight against Obamacare, state governments are now making a stand. On August 16, 2012 Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer issued her own executive order that says Arizona won’t confer driver’s licenses and other state benefits to Obama’s “deferred action immigrants”. Arizona had already taken a strong stance against illegal immigration with SB1070, Prop 200, and other attrition and enforcement efforts.

Today, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman issued the same order for his state. With the massive backlash against illegal immigration, more states should follow. A 2010 FAIR study had an estimated 40,000 Illegal aliens in Nebraska. Arizona had an estimated 390,000. The democrat dominated State of Arkansas had an estimated 55,000 in 2010.

Just like Obamacare, Mike Beebe will likely go along with the Obama Agenda. The last page of the Democrat Party of Arkansas Platform states, "We advocate comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level that restores the rule of law and enhances the security for America and which is practical and humane in its approach toward undocumented individuals already in the United States." This path to legal status language shows that the DPA will need to be voted out of power in order for Arkansas to join other states in passing attrition and enforcement legislation.
Illegal aliens doing the city work Americans won't do, in a minority city? Pine Bluff ends up hiring illegal aliens over minorities. Where's the NAACP/Jesse Jackson/Toure? Check out the story below from Fox16.

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