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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stop the U.N. - Obama Open Borders Plot

Is Obama listening to the United Nations,
Mexico, or WE THE PEOPLE?

We know the globalists want America to have no borders or national sovereignty. Now, the U.N. is condemning the lawful use of force by our U.S. Border Patrol agents! Officials have begun to protest any enforcement taken against violent drug traffickers caught in the act of illegally crossing our southern border. In the meantime, Barack Obama makes no plans to either secure the border OR enforce existing immigration laws, as he garners praise from the international community for FAILING to do his job!

Obama was incredibly voted back into office by his starry-eyed followers for another four years because they chose not to acknowledge reality! Half the voters would rather stay in their fantasy land where everything is playful kittens and sunshine – But to WHOM is Barack Obama holding himself accountable when it comes to our national security and the rule of law? Because it sure isn't the majority of Americans, who demand that the border be secured first and who do NOT consider amnesty an option!

Barack Obama is using the Leftwing's heartstrings (along with his water-carriers in the legacy media) to undermine any reasonable efforts to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and to push for sweeping amnesty measures. Obama thinks that right now is the perfect opportunity to legalize every illegal immigrant that he can in order to shore up his progressive party base for the next round of elections in 2014, and for decades to come.

And the United Nations is doing everything it can to make sure he gets his way, including demonizing the rightful, valid efforts of U.S. Border Patrol agents to secure our sovereign borders!

Navi Pillay, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, announced the U.N.'s condemnation of incidents along the border when illegal immigrants come under gunfire or other violence erupts during attempted escapes from U.S. Border Patrol agents.

The U.N. is also pushing for the families of illegal immigrants who die under any circumstances while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border to have full access to international courts and globalist standards of justice, invoked against Americans and U.S. law enforcement personnel.

Using 'international human rights standards' to make her case, Pillay's perverse U.N. position on illegal immigration is that Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officials should use "non-violent" means when apprehending unruly transgressors – no matter how violent the interlopers may be or how high-risk the apprehension is!

In fact, Pillay let it be known that she agreed that the use of lethal force during immigration controls is "unacceptable under any circumstances." The U.N. position is also that humanitarian conditions for illegal immigrants should be improved…

Back in July 2011 during an official visit to Mexico, Pillay voiced her concern – and by extension the U.N.'s concern – over deteriorating conditions for migrants there, who use Mexico as their stopping point on their illegal trek from Central America to the United States. During the same trip, she FAILED to vilify or condemn the international cartel-fueled drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border which killed more than 60,000 people in Mexico alone. Yet, when our U.S. Border Patrol agents use force to stop ILLEGAL drug traffickers, sex and other human trafficking, or illegal immigrants from being smuggled into this country, their professional law enforcement is met with sweeping rhetoric, finger-pointing and a call for "social justice" AGAINST the United Nations!

We have yet to hear the United Nations condemn the thousands of murders, rape or other forms of criminal harm done to American citizens by the violent felons who shouldn't be here in the first place. Nor does the 'international community' hold any of the world's politicians accountable for making innocent citizens on all sides of the borders sitting ducks – while these criminals continue to illicitly pour back and forth across international boundaries! And we're not holding our breath that we ever will.

To make its case against our Border Patrol agents DOING THEIR JOB, the U.N. High Commissioner chose to ignore the facts in a case where a 16-year-old Mexican boy, Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, was shot AFTER Border Patrol agents witnessed him and another suspected smuggler drop drugs on the Arizona side of the border, and the smugglers launched a gun fight!

Of course, the president-elect of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, is praising Barack Obama's open borders amnesty reform, saying "We fully support your proposal. We want to contribute. We want to be part of this."

You bet they do. They just love walking their employment and education problem right over the line into America's lap to handle.

It really isn't any wonder that the country that receives the most in kickbacks from cash earned by its citizens illegally present in our country supports Barack Obama, is it? Of course it isn't! Just as it's no wonder that this administration has the full support in its amnesty efforts from the similarly socialist one-worlders at the United Nations. The U.N. doesn't care about America's national security or our economy. On the contrary – they want the U.S. to be taken down a peg or two in the eyes of the world, in order to make us more submissive to their power-grabbing treaties and edicts. This is fully consistent with how Barack Obama wants to legalize approximately 12 million new 'Americans' and all of their 'immigrating' relatives, in order to ensure his party's indefinite control on Washington.

To make matters worse, now Obama and the Democrats are hoping to use the RINO's (Republican In Name Only) panic over their election defeat to gain still MORE ground on amnesty and on U.N. internationalist concessions surrendering MORE of our sovereignty to the globalists. The RINOs are always more than willing to sacrifice America for their own political gain, and they WILL advance Obama's amnesty agenda while NOTHING is done about our biggest national security threat – our porous borders!

We cannot let Obama get away with putting himself and his United Nations allies before the American people, the sovereignty of our nation! We MUST demand Congress stand up for the American people and not sacrifice us, our national security and our economy to internationalists or the traitorous political interests on Capitol Hill and in the Oval Office.

Obama has already HALTED DEPORTATIONS, SHUT DOWN FEDERAL PROSECUTIONS OF CRIMINAL IMMIGRATION CASES, and now is PROMISING AMNESTY – but our fight for no amnesty and a secure border is alive and well!
We've made it clear. There there can be no confusion over what Americans concerned about Border Security demand of our elected officials and politicians:
Some elected to high federal office – including for president – seem to believe that America's blood-soaked border security enforcement crisis does not pose a vital national security threat. Some think the illegal immigration crisis is just a new opportunity for new voter constituencies, while others seem to want to capitulate to its effects, as it is a problem just too big and messy to solve. They therefore think that the only feasible solution is accommodation – since things have seemingly gotten so far beyond the point of remedy.

And they are willing to hand us over to the U.N. to tell us how to run our border!

Even the sheer size of our borders causes some politicos to conclude that America is indefensible against rampant invasion, incursion, and illicit trafficking – and that the steady flow of illegal aliens and the attendant breakdown in the rule of law is thus unstoppable.

Norwood MM Project CoverOur Secure Borders Coalition, through boots on the ground experience and years of exhaustive study, has concluded otherwise. We KNOW that we MUST secure our borders and halt illegal immigration if we are to preserve our national safety, security, prosperity and sovereignty.

Our fundamental plan for achieving this goal is much the same as that called for by the "Norwood" staff report by the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, which sent a team of independent investigators to study the effects of the original Minuteman Project in April, 2005.


As a result of their study, the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus observation team issued a number of workable recommendations. Among the team's findings are:
  1. Reasonable manpower increases will immediately curtail rampant illegal immigration.
  2. Observational reinforcements can be oriented and deployed in days.
  3. 36,000 reinforcements would effectively seal our southern border.
  4. Reinforcements are available from existing reserves.
  5. The Defense Authorization Act of 2005 provided specific legal authority for the Governors and the Secretary of Defense to immediately implement this plan with full federal funding.
  6. Long-term solutions: Border security should remain a federal responsibility, consistent with the Constitution.
  7. BUILD THE FENCE authorized under the Secure Fence Act of 2006.
In addition to endorsing the recommendations of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus report, America MUST have a return to the RULE OF LAW regarding American national interests. Specifically, our government must pursue swift DEPORTATIONS of criminal border intruders, and criminal convictions and civil penalties under existing federal and state laws.

Yet Obama, with the collusion of the Republican Establishment in Congress, continues down the path of weak to non-enforcement of immigration law and ineffective border security whenever he can, in defiance of the will of the American People. In fact, he has ordered Napolitano at DHS to SUSPEND DEPORTATIONS, and Holder at DOJ to cut back on DEPORTATION PROSECUTIONS!

Meanwhile, BOTH major party Establishments seek massive AMNESTY!

Citizen pressure upon Congress from the American public during the Obama and Bush Administrations DEFEATED AMNESTY, and despite the open borders obstructionism in Washington, our efforts resulted in:
  • Significant increases in funding for operational border enforcement;
  • An increased number of Border Patrol agents;
  • A brief temporary deployment of thousands of National Guard assisting Border Patrol – since withdrawn overseas;
  • Upgraded technology at some high traffic areas;
  • Apprehension and deportation of millions of persons entering America illegally; and
  • The addition of thousands of beds in detention facilities
Yet, with these hard-won steps of progress toward border security, we now confront the Obama Administration's recent election-motivated SUSPENSION of DEPORTATIONS:
Now these illegal intruders are being detained and held at taxpayer expense – but NOT deported. They are being turned into political victims and poster-children for AMNESTY. Sound familiar?

Straight out of Rules for Radicals. Will the Obama regime attempt to emulate the Palestine Liberation Organization, and begin a new shameful legacy of radicalizing America-haters? Why are we subsidizing extended incarceration in "camps" illegal alien criminal intruders who should simply "be sent home"?

Moreover, with the end of the federal fiscal year, the temporary funding for 81 immigration-dedicated federal prosecutors has also ended. Some 13 prosecutors were cut, while 68 others are being reassigned within the Justice Department. DOJ officials have confirmed the reductions but have refused to elaborate on them.

The Obama Administration successfully trolled for Latino votes in 2012 by suspending enforcement and deportations of illegal aliens, and now he is ready to make good on his open-border amnesty promises.

The peril to national security remains high. Speaking to the National Council of La Raza in July 2011, Obama said: "I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own and, believe me, right now dealing with Congress, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting…"

Obama has already said that he will make tackling immigration 'reform' a priority after his January re-inauguration – if not before. We must use every opportunity to stop him and his globalist amnesty plot!


Secure Borders Coalition

Secure Borders Coalition is a project of Americans United for Freedom, a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization (pending) which focuses on nonpartisan civic education and advocacy regarding important national issues.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Good & Bad Senators + Jon Hammar

Kenneth Wallis
Writer / Activist
by Kenneth Wallis, Examiner: United States Senators have a great impact on all issues, including illegal immigration in Arkansas. There is still an amnesty proposal hanging around in the US Senate. I wrote about it a while ago and dubbed it the Kyl/Hutchison Amnesty. I still urge people to contact Arkansas US Senators John Boozman & Mark Pryor and request that they represent Arkansas by stating opposition to the Kyl/Hutchison Amnesty & any other paths to legal status for illegal aliens. NumbersUSA put out an email urging people to contact Senators regarding Amnesty, but the pro-illegal immigration machine has retuned their agenda to that of legal status for DREAM ACT illegal aliens to avoid the term "amnesty"
Cowardly liberal Senators, who would later praise the nomination of liberal illegal alien supporter Sonia Sotomayor, used a filibuster to prevent Miguel Estrada from being given a final confirmation vote by the full Senate for the D.C. Court of Appeals. The GOP made gains in the "hispanic vote" in part b/c of the treatment of Estrada by Liberal Senators such as New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Now it appears that an illegal-alien registered sex offender interned for Sen. Menendez, and that DHS delayed arresting the individual until after Election Day. Another example of the media manipulating the "Hispanic vote."
An ABC story about the Mexican "government" and yet another reason to oppose the existence of a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock, or for that matter, anywhere else in the U.S.
Ex-Marine Jailed in Mexico for Four Months: ABCNEWS.COM - Lance Corporal Jon Hammar was arrested at the Mexico border with a small caliber shotgun.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ReasonTV has uploaded Can an Undocumented Immigrant Become a U.S. Lawyer? California High Court Will Decide. Can an Undocumented Immigrant Become a U.S. Lawyer?

. . . California "High" Court Will Decide

Editor's Comment: We have too many lawyers already in the USA. We don't need to import them. Why was an illegal be granted access to a law license? And why was he allowed to even attend law school?

By Reason TV: Video first and then text summary follows.
Sergio Garcia, 35, has wanted to become an attorney since he was 10 years old.

In 2009, his dream was about to become a reality. The longtime California resident had graduated from law school, passed the state bar, and received the approval of the State Bar Board of Examiners.

There was just one problem: Garcia didn't have documentation to work legally in the United States.

Born in Mexico, he was brought to the United States by his family when he was a little more than a year old. He lived in California until he was nine years old, then went back to Mexico before returning to the Golden State to finish high school and attend college and law school. His father says he applied for a green card for his son 18 years ago, but the application is still pending.

Once the California Supreme Court, which has to sign off on all new bar members, found out about Garcia's status, it stopped short of letting him practice law. The court asked the Obama Justice Department to weigh in on the case instead; Justice said Garcia should not receive a license, reasoning that an illegal alien - albeit one who has spent decades in the U.S. - doesn't have the right to work in the Land of the Free.

"Independently of my status, I have to fulfill my dreams. I have to believe that all the work I've put into it is not going to be in vain," says Garcia. "The knowledge you gain [...] is not dependent on a piece of paper."

"The fact that we can give a license to practice law to someone who cannot lawfully practice law under federal law is a bit bizarre," says John Eastman, former dean of Chapman University Law School. Eastman says that federal law stipulates that states cannot provide benefits to people that are illegally in the country. Benefits, argues Eastman, include professional licenses. "He's here unlawfully. He's not gone back to his home country and sought to apply like everyone else who waited in line in his home country. He's trying to short-circuit the process and jump in front of the line."

"There's no real line for people to stand in," counters UCLA Law's Hiroshi Motomura. "[Garcia] is qualified but the problem is that he is from Mexico and you have to wait longer if you are from Mexico." Figures from the State Department show that there are more Mexicans on the wait list for work and family visas than any other country. Motomura, the author of Americans in Waiting: The Lost Story of Immigration and Citizenship in the United States, points out that the U.S. has developed a system over the last century that relies on undocumented labor. "We've allowed...11, 12 million people in the country outside the law," he says. Regardless of the laws on the books, he says, "the system, the economy and government policies invited them to be here."

Eastman says that tolerating undocumented immigrants drains state resources for services such as emergency health care and K-12 education that should be reserved for legal residents. Yet Motomura notes that these immigrants routinely pay payroll and income taxes that they will never be able to access via Social Security and other programs. While the Social Security Administration doesn't keep track of taxes paid by undocumented immigrants, they do keep track of W-2 tax forms that don't match up with names or numbers in their system. These "earnings suspense files" are widely understood to be a proxy for undocumented immigrants who provide fake Social Security numbers to employers. The Social Security Administration told Reason TV that the earnings suspense file collected $28.6 billion in uncredited taxes from 2008 to 2010. Even economists critical of immigration concede that when all the costs and benefits of legal and illegal immigration are factored, immigrants add billions more to economy every year than they possibly take out. (For more on immigration, read Reason's "Reality-Based Guide to Immigration Reform" and our topic page here).

Garcia's case will be heard and decided by California's Supreme Court in early 2013. As he waits for his day in court - as a plaintiff, not as a lawyer - he will doubtless be thinking about the current treatment of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Over the past four years, the Obama administration has deported 1.4 million undocumented immigrants, a rate that is 1.5 times faster than his predecessor, President George W. Bush.

While President Obama has enacted a temporary program for to defer deportation of some young undocumented immigrants, Garcia is too old for the program.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mexican Migration May Be Over

Alleged Mexican Migration: Illegals Crossing Our Border
. . . OR so says Michael Barone!          

Although, I wouldn't consider people crossing our U.S. borders illegally as migration, but realize from their viewpoint, it may indeed be rationalized as immigration verse breaking our laws.

Barone wrote this opt ed in he Washington Examine which was the also published by Rasmussen Reports. Rasmussen Reports leands even more credibility and interest as to Barone's reflections. Michael Barone is a senior political analyst for The Washington Examiner, is a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute where many of us follow his positions, a Fox News Channel contributor, and a co-author of The Almanac of American Politics.

Because of the topic, we are sharing "his opinion" below for "educational purposes." Please let both him and us about your opinion. My initial comment is that I hope he is correct!

By Michael Barone: Is mass migration from Mexico to the United States a thing of the past?

At least for the moment, it is. Last May, the Pew Hispanic Center, in a study based on U.S. and Mexican statistics, reported that net migration from Mexico to this country had fallen to zero from 2005 to 2010.

Pew said 20,000 more people moved to Mexico from the United States than from there to here in those years. That's a vivid contrast with the years 1995 to 2000, when net inflow from Mexico was 2.2 million people.

Because there was net Mexican immigration until 2007, when the housing market collapsed and the Great Recession began, it seems clear that there was net outmigration from 2007 to 2010, and that likely has continued in 2011 and 2012.

There's a widespread assumption that Mexican migration will resume when the U.S. economy starts growing robustly again. But I think there's reason to doubt that will be the case.

Over the past few years, I have been working on a book, scheduled for publication next fall, on American migrations, internal and immigrant. What I've found is that over the years this country has been peopled in large part by surges of migration that have typically lasted just one or two generations

Almost no one predicted that these surges of migration would occur, and almost no one predicted when they would end.

For example, when our immigration system was opened up in 1965, experts testified that we would not get many immigrants from Latin America or Asia. They assumed that immigrants would come mainly from Europe, as they had in the past.

Experts have also tended to assume that immigrants are motivated primarily by economic factors. And in the years starting in the 1980s, many people in Latin America and Asia, especially in Mexico, which has produced more than 60 percent of Latin American immigrants, saw opportunities to make a better living in this country.

But masses of people do not uproot themselves from familiar territory just to make marginal economic gains. They migrate to pursue dreams or escape nightmares.

Life in Mexico is not a nightmare for many these days. Beneath the headlines about killings in the drug wars, Mexico has become a predominantly middle-class country, as Jorge Castaneda notes in his recent book, "Manana Forever?" Its economy is growing faster than ours.

And the dreams that many Mexican immigrants pursued have been shattered.

You can see that if you look at the statistics on mortgage foreclosures, starting with the housing bust in 2007. More than half were in the four "sand states" -- California, Nevada, Arizona and Florida -- and within them, as the Pew Hispanic Center noted in a 2009 report, in areas with large numbers of Latino immigrants.

These were places where subprime mortgages were granted, with encouragement from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, to many Latinos unqualified by traditional credit standards.

These new homeowners, many of them construction workers, dreamed of gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars as housing prices inevitably rose. Instead, they collapsed. My estimate is that one-third of those foreclosed on in these years were Latinos. Their dreams turned into nightmares.

We can see further evidence in last month's Pew Research report on the recent decline in U.S. birthrates. The biggest drop was among Mexican-born women, from 455,000 births in 2007 to 346,000 in 2010.

That's a 24 percent decline, compared with only a 6 percent decline among U.S.-born women. It's comparable to the sharp decline in U.S. birthrates in the Depression years from 1929 to 1933.

Beneath the cold statistics on foreclosures and births is a human story, a story of people whose personal lives have been deeply affected by economic developments over which they had no control and of which they had no warning.

Those events have prompted many to resort to, in Mitt Romney's chilly words, "self-deportation." And their experiences are likely to have reverberations for many others who have learned of their plight.

Surges of migration that have shaped the country sometimes end abruptly. The surge of Southern blacks to Northern cities lasted from 1940 to 1965 -- one generation. The surge of Mexicans into the U.S. lasted from 1982 to 2007 -- one generation.

The northward surge of American blacks has never resumed. I don't think the northward surge of Mexicans will, either.

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