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Monday, February 25, 2013

Napolitano Cries Wolf - Only She's The Wolf

Submitted by Velcro, Crossposted at Conservative Observer AZ.

Last week found DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano charging across the land on a donkey a la Paul Revere proclaiming to all "The Border is Secure!"  This, after her lightning visit to the border in a totally staged (according to some who were there) fact finding expedition.

Closely on the heels of her midnight ride came news of her sequestration plan to not only throw the Border Patrol under the proverbial bus, but to add insult to injury by cutting Border Patrol salaries by 40% in the process, while port inspectors, equal in numbers to BP agents, are comparatively untouched.

In my last post I wanted to help broadcast the Border Patrol's plight, not to mention our nation's border security, due to the idiocy and deceitfulness of the government aristocracy.  Now, in the few days since then, more facts and events have surfaced that only add to the charges against Napolitano.

Fact #1.  It turns out that Arizona congressman Ron Barber (D-Az02) had requested a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on Border Patrol strategies and resources, to verify how secure the border is.  The report was delivered Dec. 10, 2012.  From the GAO report, Barber concludes,
"This study confirmed that the risk and need of the Tucson Sector of the Border Patrol is high and we need the best possible strategy moving forward."
Janet Napolitano's cry last week was not only a lie, but a lie designed to fly directly into the face of Truth and spit on it.  Truth, in this case, is coming from many quarters. 

Fact #2.  Now Napolitano has the audacity to warn Congress about how bad the sequestration cuts will be for the Border Patrol and national security.

The Border Patrol itself has been hamstrung by both high-level corruption going up all the way to Napolitano, and by Obama, who is doing all he can to bring people illegally across the border into the U.S.

I get the feeling that Nappy is playing both ends against the middle.  The problem is that Border Patrol families and National Security hang in the balance while she plays her games.

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