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Thursday, September 19, 2013

AARP Supporting Amnesty For Illegals

by Bill Smith:  Not only has AARP been supporting Obamacare which will place seniors more at risk as they get older, AARP is also supporting amnesty for Illegals. In fact, the AARP  website shared a one sided position on the topic with their members titled A Fix for Immigration. While the article does present comments by members of two different parties, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY), in fact, the positions of both are joined at the hip and advocate for changes in laws which will benefit ILLEGAL ALIENS (aka, "illegal immigrants").

It is interesting that AARP started off the article with the line: "Older Americans have a stake in changing laws for immigrants." Indeed they do. If the the proposed immigration reform / amnesty efforts are not blocked, older Americans will see their income and savings consumed even more by government,  Seniors will join in funding programs for illegals and will find their nest eggs dwindling with reduced opportunities to pass on any inheritance to  their children and grandchildren.

The threats are also real. Consider the 93 year old grandmother recently raped, beaten and murdered in her home in Douglas County, Nebraska. Consider that in just one county - LA county - "Illegals Cost Taxpayers $1.6 Billion Annually."  The total cost associated with illegals nationally is astronomical. This is money that could have been used to support legal Americans or better yet if not spent, would not have increased the national debt.

While AARP may have pander to elderly in the past, many former members after noting AARP's liberal agenda and walked.  Informed older Americans are not as gullible as AARP would wish.

AARP long ago departed from the original 1958 vision of founder Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus. Recommend reading the Forbes article by Avik Roy which addressed "How the AARP Made $2.8 Billion By Supporting Obamacare's Cuts to Medicare." Recall that Obamacare cuts $716 billion from Medicare in order to pay for its $1.9 trillion expansion of coverage to low-income Americans. To quote from the article, "AARP isn't your every-day citizens’ advocacy group. The AARP is also one of the largest private health insurers in America. In 2011, the AARP generated $458 million in royalty fees from so-called “Medigap” plans, nearly twice the $266 million the lobby receives in membership dues."

AARP is not supporting amnesty and immigration reform because it benefits their "senior" members.  They are doing so because they see future benefit in advancing their bottom line. Bloomberg identified that "AARP is one the largest lobbying groups in the U.S., with $1.09 billion in revenue in 2009, according to documents filed with the IRS. This is one alleged non-profit very interested in increased income. AARP lobbied for policies that would benefit its bottom line, not its members, according to the report. Cuts to Medicare Advantage, the private version of Medicare run by health insurers, would push more people into the program’s supplemental products such as one provided under AARP’s brand, which offers extra coverage on top of the government’s Medicare program."

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Anonymous Deb Milam said...

Shock! Now even more reason to be glad I signed up for AMAC.

9/20/13, 12:26 AM  

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